Bruins’ Horton and Canucks' Rome out for rest of final -

Bruins’ Horton and Canucks’ Rome out for rest of final

NHL officials say hit was delivered too late



Boston Bruins’ Nathan Horton suffered a severe concussion last night when Vancouver Canucks defenceman Aaron Rome laid a massive hit on the starting forward, only five minutes into the first period. Neither player will skate again in the Stanley Cup Finals—Horton due to injury and Rome due to a 4-game suspension handed down by league officials. If the series ends before game 7, the suspension overlaps into next season. The NHL’s senior vice president of hockey operations, Mike Murphy, told the press on Tuesday that Rome’s punishment was based on two factors: the hit was delivered too late (Horton had already released the puck) and the injury that followed was very serious. Horton will end his season with 70 points, 17 of them made during the playoffs.


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Bruins’ Horton and Canucks’ Rome out for rest of final

  1. The Canucks style of play, excessive diving coupled with frequent cheap shots, is an embarrassment both to themselves and to the fans.

  2. It was a clean hit. Horton walked right into it with his head between his knees. The suspension is ridiculous!

    • Technically, the refs were permitted to assess a 5-minute major + game misconduct because of the violent result of the incident (according to the NHL rules).  It certainly wasn’t a rule 68 infraction, because it wasn’t a blind-side hit.  Although I counted only one second between Horton releasing the puck and the hit, you aren’t supposed to hit a player once possession of the puck is in the hands of another player, so it was technically interference, as the player Horton passed to was in possession at the time of the hit.

      That said, “finishing the check” happens about a zillion times a game, Horton did have possession not 0.5 seconds before the hit, and standing a rushing opponent up at the blue line is drilled into defencemen.  4 games is a bit harsh for a play that happens all the time (just without the horrible injury).