Bubbies for Harper!


Stephen Harper spoke to a gathering of Tory supporters in Toronto and got the Jewish grandmother stamp of approval.

The most shocking thing at the gathering was a very rare homemade sign. You just don’t see these much at campaign events.


All parties choreograph these kind of events with their own prefabricated signage. The Tories and NDP (see post below) have been very good at it so far.

Harper advisor Bruce Carson.


Harper’s communications team star members Dimitri Soudas and Carolyn Stewart-Olsen.


La Presse reporter Hugo de Grandpré chopped his hair, which used to be much longer than this. He was travelling with the Conservatives and joked it may have played an influence.


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Bubbies for Harper!

  1. Kady should do some background checking as to whether the two young ladies holding up the homemade “Harper Rocks” sign have properly declared the materials used to make that sign for Election Act purposes – that’ll take those smiles off their faces.

  2. As a Jews, how can ‘Bubbies for Harper!’ support Harper? A man who choose election day to Sukkut Yum TOV and thus exclude all observant Jews from participating in te 2008 Federal Elections.

  3. “Bubbies” is also a slang term for female breasts. After looking at the photo, and chuckling – I guess the name is appropriate in both senses – I felt I should comment.

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