Bureaucrats aren't careful with our privacy: report - Macleans.ca

Bureaucrats aren’t careful with our privacy: report

Careless BlackBerry use and computer disposal leave gaping security gaps, says watchdog


Federal bureaucrats are being careless with the personal information of Canadians, according to Privacy Commissioner Jennifer Stoddart. Her annual report to Parliament found “troubling” problems with the way several agencies dispose of old computers, send information over BlackBerries, and even how they shred old files. “Our audits turned up some disturbing gaps in the privacy policies and practices of government institutions,” Stoddart said in a statement. The audit zeroed in on the wireless usage and document disposal methods of five organizations: the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp., the Correctional Service of Canada, Health Canada, Human Resources and Skills Development and Indian and Northern Affairs. Auditors were “disturbed by some serious deficiencies,” such as the agencies’ lax standards for password protected wireless devices and easily intercepted PIN-to-PIN messaging.

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Bureaucrats aren’t careful with our privacy: report

  1. And some people want government to force us to hand over personal information such as in the long form census. No thanks.

  2. They not only toss out our information. They sell it and pocket the money for themselves.

  3. 1. "easily intercepted"? Didn't RIM just go through a sh**storm because their data was *not* easily intercepted?

    2. They don't want state secrets going to sworn parliamentary representatives, but they'll happily toss it away on an improperly-wiped hard drive?