Bureaucrats posed for citizenship ceremony in Sun TV stunt

Documents reveal fakery was coordinated with employees in Jason Kenney’s department


Bureaucrats working in Jason Kenney’s department posed as immigrants to pull off an elaborate stunt for Sun TV News, according to documents obtained by CP’s Jennifer Ditchburn. (Wait. What? How is this real?)

According to Ditchburn, what happened was this: Sun TV was supposed to film a citizenship reaffirmation ceremony in their studios, but the department could only find three people willing to participate. Instead of cancelling the stunt, they had federal employees, presumably on the federal clock, stand in for the rest of the crowd.

Sun TV News claims they knew nothing about the ruse. Kenney’s office, in an admirable display of ministerial responsibility, says the bureaucrats acted on their own.

That of course doesn’t explain why government employees were spending public time creating a TV gimmick for a private network in the first place. Nor do we know why a Sun employee apparently suggested faking the whole thing at one point. (From the story: “Let’s do it. We can fake the Oath,” reads an email from a sunmedia.ca email address.”

At this point, few would be surprised if it were revealed that Sun TV News itself is actually an elaborate performance art installation completed in partial fulfillment of a degree at the Alberta College of Art and Design.

Canadian Press

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Bureaucrats posed for citizenship ceremony in Sun TV stunt

  1. Does this fall under integrity ,ethics or just lack of respect for Canadians . These bozo’s will do anything for a photo-op!But it does remind me of a fake lake or a flake.

  2. Gotta love that Kenney. A true salesman. Ethics and integrity are as foreign to him as they are to the Ford twins.

  3. Best comment I’ve heard so far and am now stealing: let’s start referring to SunTV as The State Broadcaster. 

  4. Despite the last paragraph being true, it really has no place in this article.

  5. Fake ceremony for fake new Canadians on a fake news channel. 

  6. A tempest in a teapot.  In the meantime CBC is showing porn on its French web site… a heck of a lot worse!  Where’s the outrage?

    • Nice try, Jason!

    • No,it’s a sitcom about the porn industry.

  7. Harper’s government has shown over and over again in many different circumstances that it has no integrity, ethics or even self-respect. They also have no respect for the Canadian people that voted them in and pay their exorborant salaries and pensions. Kenney along with MacKay, as well as Harper ( who is responsible for all of these sleezebags) should be fired.

  8. And of course some staffer will be thrown under the bus to save Jason’s butt — the class and integrity of this crew just go on and on —

  9. None of them have any CLASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. What a Joke!

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