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Burka power!

Afghan women take to the streets to protest government corruption


Hundreds of Afghan women, many holding aloft pictures of relatives killed by drug lords or Taliban militants, lead a loud but nonviolent street protest in Kabul, demanding that President Hamid Karzai purge from his government anyone connected to corruption, war crimes or the Taliban. The protest, which also included some 500 men, was monitored by police in riot gear as it worked its way to the United Nations building who did nothing to disrupt the event. The event comes as Karzai faces increasing pressure to remove anyone linked to the rampant corruption in the country from his cabinet. “These women are being very brave,” the protest leader, her face hidden by a burka told the Los Angeles Times. “To be a woman in Afghanistan and an activist can mean death. We want justice for our loved ones!”

L.A. Times

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Burka power!

    • Why plug such propaganda? A smear of a large group based on the opinion of a very small group is a logical fallacy of the most obvious kind and leads to child-like arguments vs child-like arguments.

      If you know the author you should tell them to try and write rationally and not from emotionally driven intolerance and scapegoating.


  1. Brave courageous women!

  2. Nonviolent demonstration is a powerful statement. More of this could break the will of the Taliban more effectively than another 100,000 troops could.

    • I think that for non-violent demonstration to work, you have to have a culture that has some reason to respect non-violent disagreement.

      I am doubtful that the Taliban has such a culture. If these women had tried this non-violent protest back when the Taliban were in power, I don't think we'd have to imagine how grisly the result would be.

  3. Protesting is a good first step but I doubt it'll accomplish anything. A culture who insists women must hide their faces is unlikely to view them as worth listening to. The women in Afghanistan can't have real power if they insist on following a stone age religion. You can't expect a culture who insists women seduce men to pay any attention to their political voices.

  4. the burka adds mystery about the person inside and this is cool…too much change in culture is a bit drab…protest but protest smart would be good advice,,,life makes advances as knowledge increases among those who have awaken