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‘Burka rage’ in France

60-year-old lawyer rips a Muslim woman’s veil off in clothing shop


French authorities are reporting their first case of “burka rage.” This past weekend, a 60-year-old female lawyer was arrested for allegedly ripping the veil off a 26-year-old Muslim convert. While shopping in a store near Nantes, the younger woman overheard the lawyer comment that she couldn’t wait for a country-wide burka ban to come into effect. Words were exchanged, then blows, with the lawyer’s adult daughter also joining in the fray. The shopkeeper and the veiled woman’s husband eventually had to break up the fight.


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‘Burka rage’ in France

  1. And so it begins.

    • Begins? BEGINS? You have obviously not been paying attention.

      • The anti-religious violence, I meant. There's been violence, but this seems to mark the beginning of the descent into attacks on Muslims merely for being openly Muslim in a Western country.

        Very sad.

  2. its a piece of cloth!!! chill out!

  3. We are by nature xenophibic, which can be suppressed by heavy doses of political correctness. But never eradicated. France is experiencing an existential threat from Muslims. The confrontation in Europe bean a while back: Out of time: Radical Islam Taking Over Europe & West http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ocU5x_03MDM unveiled women rapped by Muslim men….political correctness intimidates the media and law enforcement…political correctness is the fertilizer which allows the healthy growth of Islamification,…40% of Islamic Muslims want sharia law in the UK…Ilan Halimi http://www.tomgrossmedia.com/IlanHalimi.html “I KILLED MY JEW, I WILL GO TO PARADISE”

    • Who is this we?

  4. Jack boot feminists, population decline ( secular women are reproducing at 1.3 yet continue to support infanticide) the politically correct media ( Toronto Star and CBC ) have set the frame work for a society which is rapidly being replaced. While our aging secularists, party less and less due to longer recovery rates, the new energized prolific feminists, who wear burkas and veils, are leaving the old infertile feminist for a destination with fate-the glue factory.

    • Yes, all those burka wearing feminists are a threat to your dear way of life. I'm very against what the burka represents and hope it falls out of fashion with the children of immigrants, but please spare us the Steynian screeching.

    • lost and found called … I believed they found the white cone-shaped hat you are looking for …

      • *believe

  5. you can all joke about "xenophobia" and "cone-shaped hats". when u r forced to change your name to a muslim one or get your head chopped off for refusing to, then i will look forward to your jokes. it will be interesting to hear jokes from rolling heads. call me a bigot, racist (i am of the same "race" as them by the way, just not the same psycho belief) xenophobe, and whatever else you can, i am only speaking the truth. you will see.

  6. If I go to your home I am required to respect you and your rules
    If you come into my hoe I expect you to respect my rukes

  7. feminazis?