Businessman's loan to Sen. Mac Harb raises new questions in Senate scandal -

Businessman’s loan to Sen. Mac Harb raises new questions in Senate scandal


OTTAWA – An Ottawa businessman’s $55,000 loan to Sen. Mac Harb is raising fresh questions in the Senate ethics scandal.

The Mounties are already looking into Harb’s questionable housing claims, but new information has emerged that could land the beleaguered senator — formerly a member of the Liberal caucus — in more hot water.

The Canadian Press has learned Brian Karam, an Ottawa lawyer who has for years done business with the federal government, was behind the loan.

The Criminal Code states that government officials cannot accept an “advantage or benefit” of money from someone who deals with the federal government without first getting written permission.

That part of the Criminal Code is one of the reasons why the RCMP is investigating Harb’s Senate colleague Mike Duffy, who accepted $90,000 from Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s former chief of staff, Nigel Wright, to cover his own improper housing claims.

The Senate refuses to say if Harb sought or was granted permission before accepting the loan; neither he nor Karam have responded to requests for comment.

“This is private information,” said a terse email from Senate spokeswoman Annie Joannette. She directed questions to Harb’s office, but those queries have gone unanswered.

Property records show Harb accepted a $55,000 loan from a numbered company on May 17. The senator filed an updated disclosure statement to the Senate ethics officer on June 12 indicating he owed an unspecified amount of money to that numbered company, 1202864 Ontario Ltd.

Ontario corporate documents show Karam is the sole owner of the numbered company.

Similar documents also show Karam is the president and a director of another numbered company, 595799 Ontario Ltd. That company operates as The Business Inn, a hotel in downtown Ottawa that caters to long-term stays.

Public records show the federal government has awarded The Business Inn more than $9 million in contracts since 2009. The most recent contract, worth $1.87 million, runs until the end of this year.

Karam has yet to return a message left with his receptionist on Friday afternoon, nor has he responded to questions faxed to his office. Harb also has yet to return a call to his Senate office.

Karam is a prominent member of the Ottawa business community. A licensed lawyer who runs a private practice, he is involved in several business ventures in the city and is also a member of Ottawa’s Elvis Sighting Society.

It is not clear how Karam and Harb know each other. However, a YouTube video posted last October shows Harb on a stage standing close to Karam as he accepts a Diamond Jubilee medal.

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Businessman’s loan to Sen. Mac Harb raises new questions in Senate scandal

  1. falsi crimen

  2. Businessman loans comes with prospectus, business plan and a real business model behind it. Even comes with shares and agreements on who owns what.

    This was no loan. Total BS to even claim it as such. Do you lend $55,000 without paperwork and commitments?

    Wow, now we claim bribery and payola as a business loan. Wow. Amazes me every day how corrupt our nations governemtn has become and no good men standing up to say “corruption and waste needs to be gutted fast”. But they all think, just taxpayers money, we can get more of that from their wallets.

    Mike Duffy too. Was it really payola to keep dirty secrets quiet?

    And about Quebec mayors, mafia and SNC. No one really believe SNC corruption was limited to a few countries overseas do they? Still no news where the missing SNC $56 million went as RCMP is keeping that under wraps. After all, job one of RCMP is to protect governemtn even if they are corrupt.

    And with all this corruption, no one in jail tonight. Motto here is do crime as government or with government and you can make easy money. Any new on MP Shory for mortgage embezzlement or has that bee buried with a masonic handshake?

    • show me where a loan requires a “prospectus” in order to be considered a “business loan”.

  3. I hope Mac Harb ends up sharing a cell with former Liberal senator Raymond Lavigne. Two corrupt Liberal Senators in a cell would probably get along great.