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Butter tarts battle heats up in Wellington North township


Butter tarts aren’t all sweetness. Tourism officials in Ontario’s Wellington North township have launched legal action to protect the trademark of its Butter Tart Trail from an upstart competitor, the city of Kawartha Lakes and its Butter Tart Tour.

April Marshall, Wellington’s tourism manager, called in a Toronto law firm to issue a cease-and-desist order.

The rival tour brings “confusion” to the marketplace, she told the Wellington Advertiser. Wellington’s 100-km trail offers a dozen varieties of tarts, as well as “doggy butter-tart treats, pottery trays in homage to the butter tart and scents inspired by them,” the township website brags. Not to be outdone, the Kawarthas Northumberland district promises “over 30 bakeries” in “the land of 1,000 perfect butter tarts.”

According to the most recent report in the Wellington Advertiser, township council members have decided to shelve the butter tart lawsuit battle for now, but “the issue is expected to come up again at council.”

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Butter tarts battle heats up in Wellington North township

  1. I’ll never eat a butter tart again without thinking of this case.

  2. I love butter tarts – was down in the states once at xmas time and asked for soem in a dining room and they looked at me strangely and didn’t know what they were :)

  3. This is definitely the Year of the Butter Tart in Ontario! From the Wellington North Trail to the Kawarthas Northumberland Butter Tart Tour (a regional initiative – NOT City of Kawartha Lakes one) and including Butter Tart Day in Etobicoke, the Butter Tart competition in Barrie and the new Wine Country of Ontario ads featuring butter tarts, Ontario has a sweet tourism opportunity throughout the province! The butter tart is a quintessential Ontario treat and the more tourism promotion the better it is for all involved. The two regions have come to a respectful understanding and are working with a larger Ontario culinary entity to promote butter tarts around the province. So no matter where you get your tarts – Ontario has the best!!

  4. I’ve got an idea to settle this….we’ll give Wellington the butter tart trademark and the Kawartha’s can be the pajama wearing capital of Ontario. See how simple this can be resolved.

  5. This is great, but when will someone invent the bacon buttertart?

  6. The bacon butter tart has been invented, in fact Doo-Doo’s in Baileboro won a prize for best specialty tart with their maple bacon butter tart! For my vote – Doo Doo’s is the winner for it all, especially their special order raisin walnut combo butter tart.