Bye, bye, “Buy American”? -

Bye, bye, “Buy American”?

Sources say deal has been reached exempting Canada from protectionist restrictions


Canada may finally have come to an agreement with the U.S. over problematic “Buy American” requirements that have shut Canadian companies out of bidding on American stimulus projects. According the Toronto Star, the deal, which the federal government has yet to announce, has been the subject of negotiations between the two countries since last fall. Sources say Canadian firms will be exempt from the protectionist measures when bidding starts on new contracts; in exchange, Canadian municipalities and provincial governments will lift their own restrictions on trade with the U.S.

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Bye, bye, “Buy American”?

  1. Interesting. Do the provinces and municiplaities know what they've agreed to yet?

    • The provincial and municipal protectionism began as a reaction to the Buy American policies. I doubt that they will have an issue with this.

      • You may want to look into that a bit more.

  2. So bye, bye, bill "American, buy,"
    Rode protection to election but protection must die.
    And the mood has gone black on the assembly line,
    Saying "why'd I ever cast a vote for this guy?"
    "Why'd I ever cast a vote for this guy?"

    • SH and the Tories promised protectionism?

  3. Why negotiate another deal with the USA and the WTO when history has shown that the USA will not abide by the WTA rulings as in the case of the Canadian lumber exports to the US.