Bye bye Pepsi -

Bye bye Pepsi

Sugary soda will be out of schools worldwide by 2012


Pepsi is about to become the first cola company to cut its high-calorie soft drinks from schools worldwide. The move follows a successful U.S. program meant to cut childhood obesity rates which saw both PepsiCo and rival Coca-Cola Co. remove their products from the country’s schools. The World Heart Federation has been negotiating a deal with Pepsi to expand the idea worldwide for the past year. Instead of the soft drinks, the company will now stock refrigerators and vending machines in primary schools with water, juice, and milk, but will also sell low-calorie soft drinks in secondary schools. Coca-Cola has also changed its sales policy, and now pledges to only sell its drinks in primary schools where districts or parents ask, but hasn’t made mention of secondary schools.

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Bye bye Pepsi

  1. this is the same as admitting that these drinks are not good for you, which most reasonable people should already know

  2. This is probably a good thing, but there is the little problem of people simply switching to other sugar laden crap!

  3. "The move follows a successful U.S. program meant to cut childhood obesity rates…"?

    My impression is that American childhood obesity is a worsening problem, and my authority for that is Michelle Obama and statistics she offered yesterday in a meeting with corporate executives of Coca Cola, General Mills, and Kraft Foods. What success?

    • i heard today she got kraft to cut salt by 10% , in the last few years they have been highlighting that not only is processed food full of saturated fat but often alarming amounts of salt which can lead to high blood pressure, heart attack and stroke ..and that's not even talking about what artificial colours, preservatives, BPA, etc may do

  4. if this problem of obesity is likened to a sick tree, then this solution to stop sugary soda production is also likened to merely cutting the limbs, instead of tree itself. but we're all aware the problem is more than just about what these kids eat; it is their lifestyle which is the main culprit. let's face it, we're now reaping the fruits of our modern lifestyle and witnessing the demise of our poor kids who are the main target of all these food companies. now we are asking these companies to do something and sell it? what?

  5. People just can't stop drinking soda. It's nod their fault that it tastes so good.