Cabinet shuffle imminent: parliamentary insider

Harper may be picking team for spring election


Prime Minister Stephen Harper will shuffle his cabinet before parliament returns on January 31st, an insider told the Canadian Press. The insider says the minor shuffle will involve six or fewer ministers and will almost certainly fill the seat left empty when Jim Prentice quit the environment file last month. Although Harper has vowed not to call or provoke an election, the shuffle would provide an opportunity for the Conservatives to strengthen their team before an opposition-triggered election, which many observers predict. Tory strategists say Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff has hinted that he will pull the plug on the government by voting against the budget in February or March. Strategists will be watching to see if Harper makes Julian Fantino a minister. The former head of the Ontario Provincial Police pried the suburban Toronto riding of Vaughan from the Liberals last month in a close by-election.

Winnipeg Free Press

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Cabinet shuffle imminent: parliamentary insider

  1. Make Fantino a minister. Minister of what exactly? What experience does he bring to my govt? Because he's been a good party faithful he has the ability to jump directly into a ministeral job? That explains why this govt has been fumbling so much.

  2. "…the shuffle would provide an opportunity for the Conservatives to strengthen their team before an opposition-triggered election…"

    So the Neocons are going with the second string now? This might explain their ineptitude, but where are they going to find 5 or 6 Harpo clones on such short notice?

  3. "The insider says"

    Lazy reporting, please have the guts to refuse a tip that can't be confirmed.


  4. Harper has shuffled his cabinet numerous times….and the media always screams 'election', but none occur.

  5. Who cares? We'll be looking at another minority government. But then again, if the Liberals squeak one out, it would be interesting to see if Harper would wink and smile at Duceppe and go pssst (wag the finger) at Layton. It would make for some interesting arrangements and debates but (yawn) we've been there – done that. I guess when there's very little difference between the politicians (inept career watchers) and the parties (weather vane strategy) you can't expect much from the guys and gals cut from the same cloth of wealth and privilege. Perish the thought that they all win as a combination. But much like warmed-up leftovers, they'll fill a hole. A good purging is in order, not a shuffle. Pass the Nature's Own Remedy.

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