Cabinet shuffles

Harper gives 10 Conservatives new portfolios


Three weeks after proroguing Parliament, Prime Minister Stephen Harper has shuffled his cabinet, giving new portfolios to 10 members of his party. Vic Toews is now public safety minister, Stockwell Day is president of the Treasury Board and Peter Van Loan has taken over the international trade portfolio in a three-way trade. Three other senior ministers also changed positions, with Christian Paradis moving to natural resources, Rona Ambrose to public works and Lisa Raitt to labour. Day’s move is seen as a promotion, revealing that the prime minister is putting more trust in the former Alberta finance minister, whereas Raitt’s shift is considered to be a demotion resulting from her controversial time as natural resources minister. Less high-profile changes include Diane Ablonczy becoming minister of state for seniors, New Brunswick MPs Keith Ashfield and Rob Moore taking over the national revenue and state small business and tourism portfolios, respectively, and Jean-Pierre Blackburn becoming the minister of veterans affairs. A government spokesperson says the shuffle is meant to give ministers a chance to adjust to their new jobs before Parliament’s resumption on March 3.

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Cabinet shuffles

  1. Sounds good to me.Are there any recent polls? I think Coderre should jump ship, he is working well in Quebec with the Conservatives

    Did anyone else laugh through Iggy's non-news conference. The one where he ragged the new cabinet then outlined Liberal policy by turning on and off that smirk disguised as a smile while saying absolutely nothing.

    He confirmed that the government is doing a fine job in Haiti but the Liberals will be back on the hill next week…. are you ready for it….. doing nothing again!

    All his questioned were answered by him saying nothing and in the end the journanlists there concluded that the interview amounted to nothing.

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