Cadman case settled ahead of key ruling

Hearing was to determine admissibility of emails, notes and agendas


It now appears Prime Minister Stephen Harper dropped his lawsuit over the Chuck Cadman affair shortly before an important ruling on the admissibility of his personal emails, notes and agendas. The Liberal party’s lawyer had requested various documents when cross-examining Harper last summer. Harper’s lawyer at the time, Richard Dearden, objected to the request. “People drop lawsuits for all sorts of reason and sometimes they drop lawsuits because they are being asked to produce information they don’t want to produce,” says Tom Conway, a member of the board of the Law Society of Upper Canada, who represented a former Tory candidate in a libel suit against Harper.
The Canadian Press

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Cadman case settled ahead of key ruling

  1. Openness, accountability, etc.

  2. The libs may have cut themselves a deal that suited them, but it doesn’t suit many ordinary Canadians. Still i suppose we can’t expect them to pursue this forever on their dime. I foresee fuure inquiries a la Mulroney, this time on the tax-payers dime. Heigh ho, heigh ho it’s off to work we go…to sue and lie…[ shs theme song ]

    • Um, this was a Conservative/Harper lawsuit. The Liberals/Dion were defending.

  3. I cannot believe how Liberal partisans still want to flog a deadhorse like this. Especially, when one looks at the way the Martin Government tried to lure Stronach (successfully) and Grewal (unsuccessfully).

    Enough already. It’s time to move on..

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