Cain’s fall is Gingrich’s lift

Veteran Republican soars in the polls


Newt Gingrich, the former Republican speaker of the House of Representatives, soared in the polls on Monday, months after the media had declared his campaign defunct and his staff quit en masse. His approval rating among Republican voters now stands at 22 per cent, according to a survery by CNN/ORC, a mere two points behind former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney. Gingrich’s miracle rescue is likely the result of egregious stumbles by rivals Herman Cain and Texas Governor Rick Perry, both of whom have plunged in the polls. According to the Financial Times, this reveals widespread unease about Romney in Republican ranks, as the party scrambles to look for a candidate with solid conservative credentials to challenge Barack Obama in 2012.

The Financial Times

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Cain’s fall is Gingrich’s lift

  1. Pretty pathetic that a guy who had an affair would be considered an acceptable option.

  2. It is very comforting to see the Rick p

  3. *sorry for the typo

    It is very comforting to see Rick Perry drop, that is one scary politician. It looks like a ‘lesser of two evils’ scenario tho, Newt is hardly a responsible alternative…

  4. As usual, no mention of Ron Paul, who despite 5 years of deliberate marginalization by the MSM has finished on top in several Republican straw polls.  If he were given his fair shake, and more than 89 seconds of speaking time in a 2-hour debate (CBS last week), he would be completely running away with this thing.  Political coverage in the US, and Canada for that matter, is a complete joke.  The media used to actually elucidate the platforms of the various candidates, not cheer-lead.

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