Calgary gets frosted -

Calgary gets frosted

Up to 20cm of snow expected


A late April storm is thundering toward Calgary in a testament to the unpredictable nature of Canadian weather. Environment Canada is issuing a winter storm warning for 10 to 20 cm of snowfall from a low-pressure system blowing across the Rockies. Winds gusting to 70 km/h are also forecasted, and some areas in the southern foothills could be blanketed with 30 cm of the white stuff.

Calgary Herald

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Calgary gets frosted

  1. Boo-urns.

  2. Yeah, yeah, now let's talk about the real news ok? : )

    ( I don't know where is my darn shovel!)

  3. I think the wind we had last week sent mine over to the neighbours.

  4. Is it possible Harper screwed up and created snowwalls around Alberta?

  5. Good for us in Calgary as they WERE worried about a drought!

  6. Good thing the eco-hucksters changed the name from Global Warming to Climate Change, whatever that is. Funny when when it hit 21C here in Halifax on the first day of spring the alarmists were screaming that it was proof positive that the world was gonna' fry. Now that Canada has had the oh so predictable return of winter in the middle of spring they will all say well…that's just weather. Went running in Shubie Park today, forgot my gloves, hands nearly froze!! Much the same predicted for the rest of the week. Cheers.

    • Global Warming. Not "Halifax Warming" or "Shubie Park Warming". They were wrong. You're wrong.

  7. Hahaha, I walked 2 blocks on 8th AV and it was like a took a shower, tomorrow the same , I am glad to be home now, have a good evening!

  8. Your reply was as incoherent as Lizzie May's crazed ramblings before we ran her out of town. Cheers. Oh and by the way, the blizzards continue in Alberta and the cold weather continues here, in direct contradiction to what the fanatics assured us would happen when CO2 levels went up the infinitesimal amount they did. Any answers, or just more baffle gab?

    • Not "Alberta Warming"

      You may want to look up the meaning of "global"

  9. NOT REAL! Thought its all over by now. How about global cooling? Sounds cool to me.