Calgary stops fluoridating city water -

Calgary stops fluoridating city water

Move expected to save $750,000 a year


Calgary will stop adding fluoride to the city’s water supply beginning Thursday following a February vote by city councillors, which went 10-3 in favour of stopping the fluoridation program. The move is expected to save the city $750,000 a year, a portion of which will go toward improving dental health for children living in poverty. The city had been facing $6 million in upgrades to the Bearspaw and Glenmore water-treatment plants to continue with fluoridation.

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Calgary stops fluoridating city water

  1. Some chemical company was making a fortune. Lets see how flouride in the water helps you:

    Does it help you when you:
    Wash your car?
    Flush your toilet?
    Water your lawn?
    Water your trees and garden?
    Wash your clothes?
    Have a shower?
    Fill your hot water tank.?

    The 20 seconds in your day that the water actually past by your teeth.. thats surely worth $750,000 dollars.

    • Calgary has a population of a million people, so you are talking about a cost of 75 cents a person (though in practice the bulk of that cost will fall on wealthier taxpayers, who may pay as much as $2!) for a practice that reduces the likelihood of cavities by 18-40%. I’d say this is a good example of a municipal government that is penny wise and pound foolish. 

    • Good to hear, Geoff.

      After all, as a Calgarian, I know that I’m certainly in favor of having you pick up the tab via the national health care system for the problems that crop up with bad teeth, such as increased infections and the like, rather than having to do it myself through my property taxes.

      Too bad all the people that’ll have to suffer for it, but hey, with the 2 bucks a year it would have cost me in property taxes, I can almost afford another tube of tooth-paste.

  2. The Calgary city council took it upon themselves to stop flouridating the water without asking for input from the citizens. Further, they refused an offer from the University of Calgary faculty of medicine to strike up an a commitee of scientists to research the topic and provide the council with advice based on the best scientific data available.  Instead they relied upon their own bias and ignored the advice of dentists and physicians who assured them that the flouride posed no danger but was shown to be beneficial in the proper concentrations.


    Denver Post 4/13/04.    (Denver
    fluoridated in ’54)

    “Sippy cups are the worst invention
    in history. Toddlers bed down with cups of juice/milk.  It’s a sleep-over party for mouth
    bacteria.” Dr. Brad Smith treats about 300 cases/year of Early Childhood Caries.


    Shiboski. J Pub Health Dent; Winter

    Of 2,520 children, history of
    falling asleep sipping milk/sweet substance was;  Hispanic Head Start 72%, non HS 65%, and Asian HS 56%.
    Respective decay rates were 30% and 33%. Our analysis did not appear to be affected
    by whether or not children lived in an area with fluoridated water.


    CA Maternal and Child Health, ’95;

    33% of Head Start children had

    In non-fluoridated regions 40% of
    Hispanics had BBTD. 

    In fluoridated regions 45% of Asians
    had BBTD.


    Kelly M.  BBTD Among Native Americans.  J Pub Health Dent ’87.

    BBTD in 18 communities of Head Start
    children was 17% to 85%. Regardless of water fluoridation, the prevalence of
    BBTD remained high at all of the sites surveyed.

  4. You people are a bunch of morons if you think DRINKING fluoride is good for your teeth.  There is absolutely no true evidence of that whatsoever and infact quite contrarty.  How many of you lazy fat a** CNN watching donkies have ever even looked at the back of a toothpaste package???  The message from the Canadian Dental Association clearly says “in our opinion”.  There you go……..  an OPINION.  Not backed by anything, but pushed in the schools.  And while it has show to cause calcification when applied topically, no evidence drinking this s*** does anything.  Infact, many studies have been done showing that it causes degenerative problems in bone, bone tissues, cartelidge, and increased the risk of bone cancer in men 5 fold, and in women 3 fold.  Im glad they took this crap our because Im sick of forcibly being fed poison and having to shower in this crap too.  If you want fluoride, then go eat toothpaste.  Ontop of all of that, if fluoride is sooooooooooooo good for you, then ask yourself why the Nazi’s were putting it in the water supplies of their concentration camps???  You idiots that are all for fluoride in the water really need to do some research into this stuff and stop being an arm chair general and thinking you everything, when infact you know nothing.  Good job Calgary!!!! 

  5. kudos to calgary