Calgary’s mayor posts expenses online -

Calgary’s mayor posts expenses online

Eight months after election, Naheed Nenshi fulfills campaign promise


Calgary’s mayor Naheed Nenshi has fulfilled his campaign promise to post office expenses on his website. The expenses list, highlighted in Scribd documents on his blog, comes eight months after the mayor was elected. The majority of his office’s $563,511 expenses between January 1 and May 31 were for staff salaries and wages. His office expenses came in under budget for the time period.

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Calgary’s mayor posts expenses online

  1. He is the best!

    Very refreshing to have someone so open and authentic in office!

  2. As a Calgarian at heart, I’m pretty proud that my former city elected this guy! Democracy sometimes works.

    And then there is Toronto, Rob Ford, the SIU and the Toronto/Peel police force.

    Heads-up Redneck Canada!  The center of the universe has shifted

  3. I’m currently banging my head against my desk, wondering what the people of Halifax ever did to deserve Peter Kelly (besides vote for him, of course).