California backs EU label on Canada’s ‘dirty’ oil

PR setback for Alberta’s reserves comes on the sidelines of global climate conference


California announced on Wednesday it would support the European Unions’s plan to label fuel retrieved from Canada’s oil sands reserves as “dirty fuel” at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Durban, South Africa, Reuters reports. On Oct. 4, the European Commission approved a proposal to label oil sands-derived fuel as highly harmful to the environment in a ranking system that allows fuel suppliers to identify the most carbon-intensive options. California has already introduced a system that goes a step further, allowing consumers to choose which fuel they use based on these labels. Alberta’s reserves have been a constant target of international criticism due to their potential effect on global warming. Oil derived from oil sands is said to emit more CO2 than coal or regular crude oil. Canada, in partnership with the oil industry, has lobbied against Europe’s ranking system, which it says is unfair and “not based on science.”


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California backs EU label on Canada’s ‘dirty’ oil

  1. I just cancelled my trip.

    • to Alberta?

  2. Umm… someone in the CPC had the temerity to talk about decisions not based on science as if that’s a bad thing? I thought under this government that science itself is the bad thing…

    • Emily, is that you??

  3. I’m told that California has some interesting ideas about how to handle the heavy oil that they themselves produce….check out this Energy Probe article.

    • The hypocrisy of the whole business is ridiculous.   I was in San Franciso…you have no idea how many times they “wash” the streets with a large street cleaning truck of water.  When I told them when only clean the streets once a year after all the snow melts, they were appalled.  I tried to convince them that Canada is very clean.  The same thing in Manhatten.  They are out washing down the sidewalks with power washers every day and WE are environmentally unsensitive…give me a break.

  4. Is this actually a trade war disguised as environmental concern using the eco-righteous as PR weapons?

  5. Thank you, California! Thank you, Europe! Canada’s filthy oil should stay right in the ground.

    • At least do some research, Ann.  The oilsands are not more of a threat to global warming than coal mines and all oil is “filthy”…our oil is just thicker than some of the other “filthy” oil.

    • As should CA’s dirty vegetables. I won’t buy US produce anymore, since they truck it here.

    • It doesn’t stay in the ground. If you walk through the bush up there, better wear your boots. Oil lays in pools on the surface naturally. maybe you should go have a look.

  6. We must label California produce as “dirty vegetables” since they have to truck them from CA to Canada.

  7. The oilsands do destroy our environment. Kudos to Europe and to California.

  8. EU doesn’t like Oil Sands. The French company, Tota S.A. had there project approved today. Whose evil emmisions will those be. I’m thinking the EU.l

  9. There are now 6 major players in the Oil Sands. 3 Canadian, 2 EU and 1 CA.
    There are four oil-sands miners currently operating in Alberta: Suncor Energy Inc., Canadian Natural Resources Ltd., Royal Dutch Shell PLC and the Syncrude joint venture, which has Canadian Oil Sands Ltd. as its largest owner. A fifth miner, Imperial Oil Ltd., controlled by Exxon Mobil Corp., is expected to begin operating its Kearl mine late next year.
    Revenue for Canadian Goverments is estimated at $40 Billion.

  10. Forget vegetables. California’s heavy oil industry is as dirty or dirtier than some of Alberta’s oil sands operations. The hypocrisy here is amazing.

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