California mandates alcohol detection devices in the cars of drunk drivers -

California mandates alcohol detection devices in the cars of drunk drivers

One conviction is all it takes in 11 states


First-time drunk driving offenders in California are now required to install alcohol detection devices in their cars. The law, signed by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger this past weekend, makes California the eleventh U.S. state to mandate alcohol interlock ignitions for first time offenders. Drivers must blow into the device; the car won’t start if they register a blood-alcohol count above a pre-determined level. While MADD is cheering the move, the American Beverage Institute says the devices should only be mandated for repeat offenders, or for those whose blood-alcohol level exceeds 0.15.

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California mandates alcohol detection devices in the cars of drunk drivers

  1. Because the state's prisons aren't crowded enough, and because the state has no more pressing business.

  2. You don't think we need to find a way to stop drunk drivers? I don't have the stats handy, but I'm pretty sure it's a large proportion of traffic accidents and fatalities that are caused by alcohol.

    And don't the interlock devices help keep people out of prison?

  3. I think it is a fantastic way to help prevent drunk driving. It's not saying the individual will be charged each time, only that they cannot drive while exceeding blood-alcohol level. I think the American Beverage Institute is worried about profits…not lives!!
    I also believe the interlock device should be implemented after a first offense. What is with waiting for repeat offenders? How many times does a person get to repeat before the device is mandated? How about the scenario that on a repeat occasion someone winds up injured, disabled, or dead? Doesn't make any logical sense to me. I think British Columbia should be implementing this device as well!

  4. Nowhere does it mention the length of time these devices are required to be in the car. For a habitual drunk driver, I can see it as a requirement forever, the results tied to licence renewal, etc.

    For a first-time offender, it seems like a good punishment since it is a daily reminder, but it needs an appropriate time limit (three months, maybe?)

    I'm also thinking of the other family members that may well use this car. I can see the parents of the young adult who blew slightly over becoming most annoyed, especially since they (hopefully) banned the young adult from use of the car anyway.