California rejects legalized pot -

California rejects legalized pot

Prop 19 fails, but several cities pass pot-tax measures


California’s controversial Proposition 19—a bid to legalize recreational marijuana—was decisively rejected by voters on Tuesday. Prop 19 would have allowed licensed retailers to sell up to one ounce at a time to people over the age of 21, no doctor’s note required. Advocates for the ballot initiative—which required a simple majority to pass—argued that legalizing marijuana would have benefits such as bringing in additional tax revenue, reducing violence associated with illegal trafficking, and bringing the already common practice out into the open. Opponents felt that lifting the ban would lead to increased usage. While Prop 19 was soundly voted down, the LA Times points out that many California cities did manage to win approval for plans to tax marijuana. La Puente, for example, approved two measures that would have allowed the city to tax businesses that sell pot, and impose taxes on medical marijuana establishments.

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California rejects legalized pot

  1. they don't want to make it legal, but they are willing to tax the people !!

    • Politicians are all the same… never a straight answer. It's illegal but when you sell your ounce we want our cut. Oh and we promise not to bust you, that would impede our new revenue stream.

  2. The only reason it was voted down was because the majority of voters got high ,and couldn't remember what day the vote was…..Whata a Bummer Man.. !!

  3. Too bad, but it will be legal one day. Probably sooner than we think.

    • if anything, they will DE-CRIMINALIZE it

      but never ever legalized

      its not alcohol, nor tobacco,
      those require skill, tools etc

      pot requires mother nature
      therfore it will never be legal
      you cant produce or use anything thats free today
      look it up

  4. sheeple are so dumb

    if they cant tax it – which in effect the cant – it would be like them trying to tax other weeds – dandelions come to mind.


    get used to it……

  5. It wasn't that decisive. What killed it was the 65+ cohort. 70-80% of those under thirty voted yes.

  6. Walk down the boardwalk at Venice beach and you'll be offered 'prescriptions' for marijuana that you can get filled on the spot at the 'medical marijuana clinics'….. illegal? Hardly.
    De-criminalize, or legalize all drugs – it's your body, your decision what to do with it.

  7. Decriminalize it so they can make law after law on where or when you can use it so those of us who hate the smell do not have to smell it. They have more laws on cigarettes than drugs. Californians are the wingiest people in North America, slightly crazier than Vancouver. Socialism has produced an economy worse than Greece but San Francisco can waste time on McDonalds Happy Meals. Idoits.