Californians could vote on legalizing pot -

Californians could vote on legalizing pot

Issue expected to be on the ballot next fall


California’s image has taken a beating in the past couple of years, mostly because the state, with its massive deficits, has looked all but impossible to govern properly. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, once a political success story, has seen his approval ratings plummet. But California still has the capacity to look audacious. The latest: fourteen years after the state allowed medical marijuana, it looks like Californians are about to vote on legalizing pot outright. State election officials say enough signatures have almost certainly been collected to put the issue on the ballot next November under California’s famous direct-democracy procedures.

LA Times

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Californians could vote on legalizing pot

  1. Should be interesting. I'm sure between now and then, there's going to be some mean lobbying and propaganda going around.

  2. Funny how little press was given when pot was de-criminalized in Massachusetts in 2008.

  3. Oh the cops will be out in full force with the reefer madness! You're going to see a lot of law enforcement special interest groups and union meddling on display… thing is, when the state is giving IOU as tax refunds, the atmosphere is a little different.

    No politican will ever support regulating pot because they know they would have to invest in remote car starters. Legalization will come though the ballot initiatives or the courts.

  4. in the spirit of peace and order…better weed then civil unrest…an old friend once said, a drugged out population is much better to control….not that one should advocate drug use…not everyone is inclined to practice yoga!