Calzone, that offends me -

Calzone, that offends me


It is often difficult to become outraged at the outrage in a province where, it often seems, everyone delights in being a victim at least once in their lives. So, after digesting the news that an outfit named ‘The Canadian Italian Business and Professional Association” [ed’s note: churlish, leg-breaking mafia-related joke redacted] has taken grave offense to the above skit from seasoned baby-boomer comedy troupe Rock et Belles Oreilles, and has launched a complaint with the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission alleging all sorts of nasty, greasy-haired stereotypes, let us instead end on a truly tasteless joke exploiting another cherished Italian stereotype.

Q. Who really killed John F. Kennedy?

A. Two hundred Italian sharpshooters.

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Calzone, that offends me

  1. Waiting for the complaint to the CHRC….

  2. Was that supposed to be funny, Patriquin? Are you trying to compete with Steyn or something?

  3. On a serious note Kennedy was killed by a radical leftist. Just like Obama.
    His brother got it from the Islamists.