Campbell’s Soup faces lawsuit over salt in soups

Lawsuit hinges on whether “low-sodium” tomato soup claims are true


A U.S. federal judge has allowed a lawsuit to proceed against Campbell Soup Co. over whether its “low-sodium” tomato soup actually has less sodium, Reuters reports. The world’s largest soup maker was sued by four New Jersey women last year who claim to have been misled into paying more for the “low sodium” brand, even though they say it has almost as much sodium as Campbell’s regular tomato soup. U.S. District Judge Jerome Simandle said the women could press claims under the state’s consumer fraud act. The lawsuit is seeking class action status. Campbell has said the allegations are without merit and plans to fight the case in court.


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Campbell’s Soup faces lawsuit over salt in soups

  1. It's more of a beverage than a soup, ladies. Those bastards at Campbell's need to pay for that, too.

  2. nothing new here. just the usual. consumers getting ripped off by greedy corporations with governments doing absolutely nothing. NOTHING !

  3. At least the law is tested in a court of law. In Canada, the law is controlled by the government and the corporations that monopolize the lawyers:


    As long as they pad their pockets, they are fine. I think the US system, that Canadians love to ridicule, has its advantages.

  4. All of campbells soup contains more salt then it ever did. Salt prevents the crap from forming dangerous botulisms from dirty product.. A shady advertising company, would be the one to feed you ANYTHING. Not me bye.

  5. Geez…. If it's not halal, it's something else. Who's managing that corporation? Eh?

  6. If I recall correctly, Campbell Soup is owned by the Muslims.

    My father stopped eating the soup, especially tomato because he could not tolerate the Salt in it.

  7. It's also amazing how much salt is in canned beans. They should change the label to Heinz Salty Beans.

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