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These things are all over Carleton university today:


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  1. That's actually pretty funny. Was it satire, or a true Tory product?

    • It's linked right off the Conservative Party's website. Conspiracy theories are the lifeblood of conservatism.

  2. Freak out your students…

    Let them know you don't give a flying f**k what they do with their lives.

  3. For the life of me I'll never understand the Right's obsession with university professors. They seem to all have this insane belief that the only true goal in a scholar's life is to turn his/her undergrads into card carrying Trotskyists.

    From my experience professors don't particularly give a damn what political bent their students are so long as they can actually write a coherent essay…and for their part, most undergrads are spending most of their time in class thinking about the upcoming weekend's beer bash to pay any attention to their professor's political bent.

    Campus activists are just so tiresome…

    • I agree with you that Profs really don't care about the political inclinations of their students. However it is undisputed that the more education one has, the less likely you are to vote Conservative.

      • And the stupidity of this Tory campaign is that they prove your point…

      • Which may be entirely due to the fact that you have to be very tolerant-of/ inclined-toward a Liberal message to make it through a Liberal Arts curriculum. It would be interesting to see it broken down by faculty.

        • Yes – that's what Liberal Arts is – a Liberal indoctrination regime.

          Shouldn't you be railing about death panels somewhere in Idaho or Virginia around about now?

          • It's right there in the name. Ever wonder why the Conservatives never pony up any research money for the arts?

        • Anecdotally, the correlation seems to hold for scientists too.

          • What self-respecting scientist would use anecdotal evidence?

  4. Sure.. they give them out at Carleton. Let's see them give them out at Ivey.

  5. One wonders how many profs will take this as an invitation to devote a substantial part of their next lecture to the topic.

  6. ROFL – now this is my sort of advertising .. I love it well done.

  7. Reminds me of the right-winger who told me that his kids would never be allowed to attend college as it might give them "ideas".

    • Ideas….the gall!

  8. I don't get it. Why is Diane Finley wearing a wig?

    • LOL!

  9. I just love that they extend this to all professors, not just the Poly Sci or History professors who are the few who may actually care what your political slant is… sorta.

    No, I'm sure my Fluid Mechanics professor is going to shove socialism down my throat at every available opportunity… I mean, he's a professor, right?

    • Everybody knows that Fluid Mechanics has a liberal bias.

    • In my days at uni (early 80's), it was only the profs in the philosophy and linguistics (those were Noam Chomsky days) who cared. To most of the others student's views were a big yawn.

      • My profs brought up Chomsky, but only his computer science work. I suppose that may have had a subtle liberal bias.

  10. I found out my cousin is a card-carrying Con, and it did freak me out, but it also filled in a lot of blanks and questions we had about him, including why he listens to so much talk radio.
    His brother is all NDP, but doesn't vote, which is actually even worse than voting NDP, since his voice is automatically irrelevant in any political debate.

    • I might suggest you have the cause and effect reversed with regard to your cousin.

  11. Just love it how the leftists on here basically prove the stereotype. Our universities seem to be filled with self-righteous snobs who can't live without denigrating those who dare disagree with their elitist worldview.

    Personally, I'd prefer educational environments that tolerate diversity of thought in addition to all the other types of diversities the left says it stands for.

    • I'll give you one thing Dennis…you sure do satire well!

    • No one cares on which side of the political spectrum a student lies – what they do care about is an ability to back up whatever position a student takes with logical reasoning and empirical support.

      Diversity of thought, in general, is a terrible idea – unlike gender or racial diversity, which reflect the fact that differences in either gender or race have no bearing on academic performance – different ideas are not always equally valid. Some are unsupported by available information and some are flat-out wrong.

      Conservatives being the minority on university campuses does not, as one might assume, reflect an irrational hatred of those with differing opinions, but rather an insistence that those with differing opinions support their ideas – a task that Conservative supporters cannot accomplish.

      This ad campaign reflects a dangerous undercurrent in Conservative politics. With these flyers, they've implied that they are unsupported by successful, educated and intelligent people… and that it's a good thing.

      • Err, meant to say "a task that Conservative supporters often cannot accomplish", as I have heard many persuasive and logical-based arguments from Conservative supporters on Conservative ideas, it just happens to be somewhat rare.

      • Well, it's certainly been my experience here that leftists have a hard time backing up what they write. And when confronted by superior arguments from the right, they proceed to engage in personalized and/or distracting comments.

        So, if this kind of culture indeed exists on our university campuses, it's no wonder that this Tory ad campaign has hit a nerve.

        The funny thing is that the comments here from leftists simply carry on the stereotype. You repeatedly suggest that leftists must have all the right answers, and that those who disagree are simply inferior. Again, that hasn't been my experience.

        With this kind of pack mentality on campuses, it's no wonder they keep spitting out your types.

        • I haven't suggested that "leftists" have all the right answers, since the NDP and Green lose support amongst those with a university education, just as the Conservatives' numbers drop.

          No, I'm suggesting that Conservative support goes down on campuses because of a lack of articulated, logical support for their positions. As evidence of this notion, you've just accused leftists, a group you imply includes myself, of engaging in "personalized and/or distracting comments", then finish your piece with a personal attack belittling my ability to think for myself.

          • Something tells me you're not going to get a response to this.

        • Hey crazy Dennis, congrats on arguing that your opponents don't back up what they write and than proceeding to not back up what you write.

          Are you a "leftist"? You MUST be!

        • Hey crazy Dennis, congrats on arguing that your opponents don't back up what they write and then proceeding to not back up what you write.

          Are you a "leftist"? You MUST be!

          • Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't realized I was supposed to tangle with you leftists for the remainder of the day. However, since y'all seem to be so eager for a response, I guess I should oblige, shouldn't I.

            First, how about I change "leftist" to "Liberal?" That should address Craig O's first point.

            Second, it's Craig O who seems to, yet again, engage in an inability to back his statements up. For, you see, I don't quite see where it is that I accused him of not thinking for himself, or engaged in a personal attack against him. I simply made a generalization based on experience, one that wasn't necessarily aimed at him personally, although I find it amusing how quick he was to apply it in such a way.

            Thank you very much, leftists, I mean Liberals. Good to see that I'm in such demand here.

          • How do you spell parannoyed?

          • "With this kind of pack mentality on campus, it's no wonder they keep spitting out your types".

            That's the line I was referring to. Now, you may be including others by using a plural "you", but you've thrown me in as well. Now, unless pack mentality means something different to you Dennis, you've just implied that I'm not thinking critically, but rather adhering to the "leftist" mentality you assert exists on university campuses.

          • Then let me clarify. By "pack mentality" I meant ganging up on members not of the pack, especially if they're alone and seemingly vulnerable, which is precisely the behavour displayed in this thread. I also meant that, when you're in a pack, you don't need skill and cunning, just numbers and a show of force. Now, if you took it to mean that you can't think critically, then I'll leave it to you to figure out why you came to that conclusion. Thank you.

          • I inferred you were speaking about critical thinking because that was the subject which I had introduced in my original response and pack mentality, in that context, implies that I'm merely one of many and thus only going with the group rather than thinking for myself. If you use an metaphor without an appropriate set-up, it's hard to know exactly what you mean. However, you've explained yourself, so I'll retract that specific criticism.

            As for backing up statements, what have you provided other than general anecdotes? I haven't provided much else, except on your opinion of diversity of thought, but you've yet to provide any support for your claim that "Our universities seem to be filled with self-righteous snobs who can't live without denigrating those who dare disagree with their elitist worldview" besides a vague assertion of personal experience.

          • Well, Craigo, you might want to work on your reading skills, as well as your "backing up" skills, since I have reference my observation of leftists, I mean Liberals, here as part of the empirical evidence I have gathered. Thank you. And please feel free to read my blog, since you're so fascinated with my musings. Again, thank you.

          • "Our universities seem to be filled with self-righteous snobs who can't live without denigrating those who dare disagree with their elitist worldview"

            Posters are, at worst, disagreeing with your take on the culture on campus, or with that of the Conservative party as implied in this new flyer. That has no connection to the actual culture on campus, nor is it in any way denigration – if it was, you'd be equally guilty of denigration for disagreeing with me.

            That same logic that you apply to others can be equally applied to you – if you say others are being denigrating to those who disagree with their "elitist worldview" because they have a different take, I could say that you're being denigrating to me for disagreeing with your "elitist worldview" – but I won't, because disagreements are just that, disagreements. They only become denigrating if I ignore what you've written and start mocking you for your viewpoint out of hand. Now I hope you have enough civility to recognize that criticisms are not insults and I have not done the latter.

          • Well, Craigo, I guess you're not reading the same thread as I am, since I've seen several suggestions that being conservative means being stupid or having inferior arguments. And it's a trend not isolated to this thread, either. I read it all the time on the Maclean's boards, and elsewhere. Thank you.

          • Stupid? No.

            Yes, I've said that Conservatives tend to give less logical support to their ideas and that is why they have a minority of support on university campuses. This is not to say every idea presented by Conservative is poorly supported, in fact I made sure to point out that I did not think so earlier in the thread. However, this is not a point of denigration so much as it is a simple consequence of having a political viewpoint at all – if I thought Conservatives had equally valid or better arguments than the other parties, it would only make sense for me to support Conservatives (which, of course, I currently do not). Would you say Liberals have equally valid or superior arguments to Conservatives?

          • Well, I suggest you actually address what I write, since I didn't single you out in isolation of others. However, I think it's more than reasonable to perceive your remarks as snobbish and condescending. And I think that's how they were and are intended, despite your attempts to pretend otherwise.

          • Well point out an example then, stop using vague generalities. You're addressing me – I can only assume you're talking about what I said. If you think others are being denigrating towards Conservatives, put forth something specific and explain why. I can't read your mind.

            And yes, I come across as condescending, I know. It's not intentional. However, I think my opinions are correct and I try to explain why I think so – if that's condescending, so be it. However, you toe the same line, with name-calling thrown in. Using leftist to characterize and insult… now that is denigrating. How dare people have an political stance different than your's, right?

          • Using the term "leftist" is insulting and denigrating, is it? Well, I think it's the way you lean, so it's your problem, not mine. And you just admitted to sounding condescending. So what in the world are you complaining about? Geez. Brilliant. Next.

          • You know very well that you use the term to label and marginalize anyone who isn't conservative. You group wide sections of people together, call them leftist and then criticize your view of what it means to be leftist.

            I'd rather vote Conservative than NDP, but you threw me right in with every other person you consider to be leftist.

            Yes, I come across as condescending, but so do you. You speak, just as I do, from a position of perceived superiority. It's a natural consequence of having strong opinions and a willingness to defend them. I admit my flaws willingly and openly. This does not mean that I denigrate those with differing views – again, a disagreement is not denigration unless I ignore what others have said. I have misunderstood you at time, but I have not ignored what you've said and have responded to it.

            Anyway, it's obvious that this discussion will go nowhere and has become a waste of both of our time – amazingly, I do have other things to do. The last word is your's, if you'd like.

          • I said it's the way you lean, and looks like I was right. Still don't see what's so offensive about the term. You're the one who seems proud to be condescending, not me. But thanks for withdrawing.

          • It's certainly been my experience here that fascists have a hard time not being complete wastes of time. Next.

        • Hey crazy Dennis, congrats on arguing that your opponents don't back up what they write and then proceeding to not back up what you write.

          Are you a "leftist"? You MUST be!

  12. Damn it's COOL to be a Conservative!

  13. Your prof isnt likely to vote conservative because a prerequisite for being a University Professor is having university education.

  14. Freak out Conservatives. Elect a a prof.

    • Nice one.

  15. wow get the name our there, be comedic and attack instiutional education. Someone in the marketing firm for the Tories is good at their job!!!

    • "Vote for the party that attacks institutional education!!!"

      Inspiring indeed. I'm sure even more so for someone who is already paying tuition.

      • Wow, some of you here keep suggesting that you have superior arguments because you know how to back them up. Yet here you are making accusation that you clearly can't back up, at least not based on the ads themselves. Who's attacking institutional education again?

        It's just like with that opposition letter from 2004. Many of you keep referring to it as a coalition agreement. I mean, if that's the kind of thinking that our current universities are producing, then maybe the Tories have truly hit upon something.

        • Who's attacking institutional education again?

          skips seems impressed that the marketing campaign gets the name out there, is funny and attacks institutional education. If that's how he views the message then I don't understand why it's a great idea to hand it out to current university students.

        • What was it, if not a request to allow the opposition to form a coalition. Clarkson's alternatives were: election, opposition coalition. They wanted her to consider all her alternatives. I wonder whatever it was they meant.

  16. All data is useful if you understand its limitations.

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      • Exactly.

  17. Oh, and since some of you leftists, I mean Liberals, are so interested in what I have to say, you can catch my latest musings on the recently re-released Tory "Just Visiting" ads here, if you like. Thank you very much.

    • Clever verbal tic there. It's about as useful as 'Neocons, I mean Conservatives'.

      And if the Liberals are the left wing, and all the other opposition parties are even further left, why is it not then natural for the Libs to lead a coalition, rather than the CPC?

      • I suggest that you actually read the comments you're commenting about before smarting off. I used the term "leftist". I was told that NDPers and Greens didn't apply, so that left the Liberals. So, I started using that term from that point on. Yes?

        • No.

          Your use of leftist was too inclusive to support what I was saying, which is why I specified that the NDP and the Green were not to be included in my comments. Rather than completely dropping the leftist label, however, you dropped the Green and NDP, while keeping the flawed label. It's a blatant attempt to marginalize people who disagree with you by lumping them in with those who are more typically associated with that label.

  18. If I remember correctly, the Conservatives had a similar link on their website with a funny picture that said, "freak out your roommate. Join the Conservatives." They've had that slogan for years (?)

  19. These are old. We had these post cards at the University of Regina during the '08 election. Why is Carleton behind the prairies on this one?

    • They aren't new at Carleton. They were there last year and the year before that.

  20. Seems very straight forward to me. The only reason to become a card carrying Conservative (even apparently to the CPC), is the shock value you may get with your prof.
    I think this as much a commentary on the CPC attitude toward students working for post secondary education as it is their attitude toward those trying to help them achieve it.

  21. I see the conservatives have come up with a new plan to stop the brain drain..
    ..stop the brain part.

    I'll give them points for originality.

    • Coming from someone who just posted such an obviously brain-powered comment. Next.

  22. It was exactly what the letter states, which is a request to consult with them before calling an election. That's it. I mean, some of you really ought to consider basic logic courses, or perhaps simply start telling the truth about it. One or the other.

    • And what would be the purpose of such consultation? Please enlighten me. I can't imagine what it could be, short of an opportunity to attempt a coalition. The GG's default choice is dissolve parliament and call an election, and consultation would only be necessary if some other decision were desirous for the GG to take.

      • To see if they've negotiated an agreement, which they never ended up producing. Gee, how long are some of you going to thump this lie? Seriously.

        • Isn't the letter evidence of a desire to bargain in good faith, agreed to by all three parties? Even if they didn't reach an agreement (and this is far from conclusively proven), the Tories nevertheless expressed willingness to entertain the idea. Therefore, at one point in time, the idea of a coalition was not innately abhorrent and undemocratic in the estimation of the CPC.

          • OK, let me see what your latest pathetic attempt produces for us:

            – A desire to bargain.

            – An acknowledgment that NO AGREEMENT WAS PRODUCED

            – A willingness to entertain an idea.

            – That idea of a coalition, which again is pure speculation, because we don't know what ideas were discussed or how far it went.

            Hey, you're brilliant. Next.

          • What would any bargain involve, except some agreement for some or all of the opposition parties to form government, rather than seeking an election? You still have no answered that question.

            All in all, I think Conservative abhorrence of coalitions is a rather recent phenomenon.

        • You're the one who keeps bringing it up. Next.

  23. You said desire to bargain. And we're not even sure they had that. Holy cow. Not quite sure why some of you are willing to misrepresent that innocent letter over and over again? Why can't you defend your explicit coalition on its merits? Geez.

    • I think we can be sure they had desire to bargain. That they signed the letter is proof. Why else would Harper make a joint statement with a 'traitor'?

      You still have not given any indication of what you might think such a bargain would entail, if not a coalition. Please, dispell my misrepresentation.

  24. We all know that universities have Liberal biases. I have never heard of a school that offers a Conservative Arts degree.

  25. Today's university students are so disinterested and apathetic, Moses Gomberg couldn't find a radical among them.