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‘Can you drive stick?’

Shotgun-wielding carjacker defeated by standard-driving mom


So a 39-year-old mom is parking her car after driving her two daughters home from a Girl Guides meeting. Out of the shadows steps a man who points a shotgun at her chest and tells her to hand over the keys. She complies, but also calmly asks if he can drive standard. Apparently not. He tosses back the keys. More insights into the coolest mom under pressure, and perhaps coolest mom period, in this story from Winnipeg.

Winnipeg Free Press


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‘Can you drive stick?’

  1. Maybe I'm being selective in my attention to stories lately, but Winnipeg sure sounds burdened with unreal levels of violence these days.

  2. Well played, Dawn.

  3. This guy deserves some sort of "Loser of the Week" award. Maybe a special parking spot for his (presumably automatic) vehicle.

  4. I dunno, I think the coolest mom in Winnipeg was the one a few years ago who walked in on an actual street gang in the act of gang raping her daughter, and calmly pushed them off and took her daughter home.

    This mum was cool too, absolutely.

  5. And what if he had kidnapped her to act as chauffeur?