Canada, a country of geeks

Canadians spend more time online than anyone else


Canadians spend more time surfing the web than citizens of any other nation, according to new data from the research firm comScore. In fact, we spend almost double the time of the worldwide average: Canadians spend 43.5 hours a month on the Web, compared with the average, 23.1 hours. “I can’t really give you a solid answer as to why we’re so highly engaged,” said Darrick Li, an account manager with comScore. “Since 10 years ago, since the boom of the Internet, we’ve always been at the top of online engagement.” But these numbers shouldn’t be surprising. For years, Canadians have been the most frequent users of services such as Facebook and YouTube. Of demographics, comScore noted that the fastest-growing demographic online in Canada is the 55-and-over crowd, and that split among male and female Web users in Canada is almost exactly 50-50.

The Globe and Mail

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Canada, a country of geeks

  1. Exactly why we are fat nation

    • naw, just you who's fat

      • hahha he got burned

    • 5'9", 140lbs and I am probably solely responsible for the deviation from the mean.

      • you're underweight, Canada isn't actually that fat of a nation… My city is the fattest city in Canada but I still wouldn't say we are fat by America or Australia standards…

    • thats a retarded response to this article – the fact of the matter is we are forced indoors for most of the year because of the weather. speak for yourself on the matter of being fat, fathead.

      • Yeah why does nobody get the simple fact that OUR WEATHER SUCKS BALLS.

  2. Actually, it kind of does. How would YOU define geek?

    • People with a genuine interest in the technology and its underlying capabilities, the systems involved, etc… not simply users of it.

      • puritan!

    • Over weight slob interested in Nascar and Baseball.

    • In the 19th century, in North-America, the term geek referred to a freak in circus side-shows. In some cases, the performance included biting the head off a live chicken.

      • Ok, this information is geeky, how do you know that Travis? : )

  3. First it is hard not to think of McLeans without thinking of Rogers as they are owned by the same. However, that Canadians use the internet lots is a comment on our demographic make-up, climate, our education, and the poor quality of alternatives. Yes we should go out and actually do physical things that keep us from getting fat. I am retired and like to walk and do so but I still use the internet as I watch TV. Heck maybe its about control of what we see and hear as news. I hope this is not a set up by McLeans to justify some sort of higher internet fees.

  4. I know of no one who works and raises a Family who spends much time on the internet. Hence, one explanation why Canadians have low productivity, which seems a simple enough deduction. Which is also, probably why this survey makes so little sense. And why our Prime Minister finds it too intolerable, pandering to liberals and quebec.

    • Well I'm a stay at home mum raising a family and I use the internet all the time. I never use a phone book any more, I do comparison shopping, buy things on-line to save time and money, use Google maps to find obscure hockey rinks, read on-line news and communicate with companies I do business with via their websites. It beats sitting on hold for hours on end. I also have family all over the world so email and skype beats snail mail any day. I am definitely "wired in." On the other hand, I don't Facebook or Twitter because I do find those things to be a waste of time.

  5. These days, using the web no more makes you a geek than does using the telephone or watching TV. My mother (78) has a laptop and uses both Google and e-mail, not because she is technically-inclined but because they are often the best ways to communicate or find information.

  6. Canada, a country of geeks and Macleans, a magazine for dumb people

  7. Being a GEEK rocks !!! That should be taken as a compliment. A NERD is someone who is 34 years old, still living in his mothers basement playing video games in the dark on Saturday evenings eating snicker bars and coke.

    Sure Geeks didn't get any of the kewl girls in high school (too busy in programming and calculus classes) but who runs the world now baby :)

    • The origin of geek goes back to the circus. Geeks were freaks who's only draw was eating disgusting foods or and other gross acts. It's far from a compliment :p

      • To be fair, I don't think macleans meant it THAT way, it was meant the nerd way : )

  8. Geeks??? No, it's more that there is NO NIGHTLIFE in Canada unless one wants to get drunk, what live shows there are COST A FORTUNE, our TV SUCKS, we have TERRIBLE PUBLIC TRANSIT, EXPENSIVE AIRFARE/TRAINFARE, LIVE FAR FROM FAMILY, have crazy BITTER COLD WINDCHILLS. In short, what ELSE are we supposed to be doing??? Squaredancing???

    • well where else can you get away from every single major natural disaster? Plus, there aren't any animals that will kill you. That is, unless they are provoked.

      • ROFL I think I have been online too long…

  9. Its cause its too damn cold to go outside most of the time

  10. idk about the rest of you geeks but i spend ALOT of my time online, looking up stuff, constantly learning about the world, confirming facts, maintaining communications, watching select shows, reading news, laughing at hilarious vids and enjoying awesome palylists on youtube, and most importantly – staying out of trouble and keeping warm! i call that taking full advantage of my geographic and meteorological setbacks by expanding my interests. You can trust that when the sun is out and the weather is fine i'm not on the computer, i'm out causing a raucous as only CANADIANS know how to do…

  11. It's probably to do with the climate, I know when summer comes (Calgary), that whole month I'm outside having a fantastic time. Too bad Canadian summers are crap, and even worse in Alberta.

  12. Rather ironic that we spend more time on the internet than any other countries, and yet we have among the slowest national average internet speeds.

    • Amen to that!!

  13. We spend more time because our internet speed among the slowest in the developed world. We spend most our time waiting.

  14. What's wrong with square dancing?

  15. "Canada, a country of geeks"

    Yeah, well my mom says I'm cool.

  16. I am a proud Geek and wear my badge with honor!

    • Being that I am relatively new to this, mine says…''Geek Trainee ''………

      • Welcome to the world of "Geekiness" my friend!

        I love it!!

        • Thanking you, for the warm welcome your Geekness, I shall strive, to become a full fledged Geek in good standing, so that I may hold my head high amongst my fellow Geeks….At that, I am off to the land of Internet Knowledge……

  17. maybe we spend so much time on the internet because our internet is slower than everywhere else and we have to wait longer to do anything :D

    • Touche : )

  18. Canada is so boring, that's why people spend so much time on the net.

  19. This would be more meaningful if they mentioned how much people in other places, like Japan, Europe, and the US actually used the internet. That average figure of 23.1 hours reminds me of the guy who drowned in a lake that averaged only a foot deep.
    Or, on second thought, could it be that our download times are THAT much longer?

  20. Download times ARE TOO SLOW and ALL the service providers like ROGERS love to rake our asses over the coals…or, should I say, they RAPE us with greedy gusto every month with access fees, bandwidth and overages for every damn slow connection time, download, search and every other nickle-and-dime scheme they can get away with!!! They, and others, are relentless in their charges…why do you think we spend so long online just trying to get the simplest of things done, while elsewhere in the world others get their tasks done at much faster online spepeds, with relatively lower costs/charge$$$.

  21. I wonder how much Rogers paid comscore to perform this "research" so everyone would become sympathetic to ISPs. Screw you Rogers & Bell.

  22. We have never had so much access and freedom to information.

    I would assume that many Canadians use the internet to gain and share knowledge. It is the intelligent way to go and all my friends and I are like that. We have a wealth of true knowledge at our finger tips and..it is well deserving.

    I see many truths come out that are never revealed by media until is slips onto the Internet.

    I say Canadians are a fairly smart bunch..and it sure beats sitting in front of an idiot tube watching mindless shows.

    Canada rules!

  23. Denial won't help. Hi geeks! Is there such a thing as Geek Anonymous?

  24. because it is to cold out to do anything else

  25. Recognize!

  26. I agree with you Jason, that's what it means exactly, you ever hear of geek squad? nerds on site? Anonoyed with Macleans don't look at it like that, its not bad thing.

  27. try working in it

    • Lots of layers of clothing and keep moving, but trying to put nuts and bolts and little things together can be extremely frustrating….

    • Probably not so good, working – recreational out of balance!

      But chin up at least you have your computer to go geeky ; )

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