Canada among the worst in prosecuting bribery

Only G7 country to consistently rank so low


When it comes to prosecuting bribery cases, Canada is among the worst of nearly 40 countries, according a report released by Transparency International, a group that monitors corruption worldwide. With “little or no enforcement,” Canada is the only G7 country that has consistently remained at the bottom of the ranking since record-keeping began in 2005, the organization said. Since then, Canada has prosecuted only two corruption cases, compared to over 200 cases pressed against individuals and companies in the U.S. “Canada does not have a great reputation when it comes to the enforcement of white-collar crime. If it’s not taken seriously by government, it won’t be taken seriously by the corporate sector,” Peter Dent, a partner at Deloitte and Touche, LLP who also sits on the board of Transparency International told the Globe and Mail.

The Globe and Mail

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Canada among the worst in prosecuting bribery

  1. Good heavens! ‘Bribery’ metrics in Canada are nothing more serious than a function of antiquated watchdog operations that had their origins in the past of the 20th century. 
    It will become evident to all that these false-positive artifacts will disappear, once such committees are defunded or replaced with trusted Harper appointees who will see that the march of free-market policies can proceed unencumbered.
    When that happens, all we will see of these frivolous claims of ‘bribery’ and ‘corruption’ will come from the likes of Mr. Dent’s NGO’s, the chattering class, labour, and the liberal media elite that have dragged down Canada’s markets for over a century, and such vilified saints as Lord Conrad Black (not to mention Mr. Madhof in his U.S. counterparts) will have an honoured place in the Senate and our fair society.

    ‘Who tells the truth is driven from nine villages’ –Eastern proverb

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