Canada and Denmark to share Hans Island? -

Canada and Denmark to share Hans Island?

37-year dispute over one-kilometre square rock may be coming to an end


For 37 years, Canada and Denmark have disputed a tiny, uninhabited island between Ellesmere Island and northern Greenland. Both countries’ militaries have planted flags and in 2005, Canada raised tensions with Denmark when Liberal then-Defence Minister Bill Graham visited the rock. However, sometime next year, that disagreement of ownership should be concluded, Danish Defence Minister Gitte Lillelund Bech has said. “Our staff are working closely and I hope we can have a solution in the next year. I don’t how we will end up but I have seen positive signs from the Canadians and we are also sending positive signs about a common solution,” said Bech, who met with Defence Minister Peter MacKay in Ottawa last week. “To some extent it is absurd to be collaborating in other areas and fighting over an island.”

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Canada and Denmark to share Hans Island?

  1. Interseting experiment!, sharing the island…..could start a trend if done carefully.

    • But if we make an ally of the Fins, we can vote them off…

  2. Dear Canadians – Rather than fighting over a cold piece of rock, let the Danes have the island and Canada can take Arizona instead. In Arizona, we are tired of our central government suing us, reporting us to the UN, and trying to punish us. We want to be Canadians now. The advantages of taking Arizona over a barren piece of rock include:

    1) You can golf year round in Arizona. On the barren arctic island, the golf season is very brief.

    2) Arizona has a taxable population about the same as Laos. The barren piece of rock is uninhabited.

    3) It would be expensive to start a hockey team on an abandoned arctic island. By taking Arizona, Canadians will get an average hockey team for free.

    See the FAQ for Canadians regarding colonization at . Thank you in advance for choosing Arizona over a one-kilometer square rock.

    • If we aren't going to pay $400 million to build a new stadium Nordiques, what makes you think we're going to annex Arizona just to get the Jets back? Quit living in the past.

      • Wait, there's more … Canadians will also get a football team. The Arizona Cardinals are the second oldest professional football team in North America (after the Toronto Argonauts).

  3. Sometimes we as Canadians are so stupid! Hans island is a one half square mile piece of barren rock coverd in snow for most of the year, where the temperature hardly ever climbs above zero. We have been fighting over this extremely valuable asset for almost 40 years.

    Let's look to the south for a moment, The people of the Turks & Caicos Islands in the Caribbean have been looking our way for almost 100 years. They are a British Overseas Territory and the UK have all but forgotten about them. They want to join Canada and become its eleventh province. This island group has one of the leading economies in the Caribbean. Canada right now has a chance to gain a province located in the beautiful sunny Caribbean. Every time they look our way and want to discuss joining us, our government looks the other way.

    Wake up Canada, the Gods of the Caribbean are trying to give us a little slice of Paradise!