Canada and U.S. jobs numbers disappoint -

Canada and U.S. jobs numbers disappoint

However, full-time and private sector employment grow


Canada and the U.S. both lost more jobs than anticipated in September. In Canada, analysts predicted a gain of 10,000 jobs, but the country shed 6,600 instead. The unemployment rate dropped slightly to 8 per cent as summer workers headed back to school. In the U.S., more than 95,000 jobs were lost and the unemployment rate remained stuck at 9.6 per cent. The bright spot in the U.S., say analysts, is that most job losses were government jobs, including temporary census position; the U.S. private sector actually gained 64,000 jobs. In Canada, the good news was that highly-prized full-time jobs increased. The negative overall number was due to a steep decline in part-time jobs and self-employment.

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Canada and U.S. jobs numbers disappoint

  1. Unfortunately the job market won't recover until 2013 when Obama is out of office. He will be neutered shortly and therefore unable to cause greater economic hardship for people, but as a bitter White House recluse he will veto any legislation that would improve the private sector economy.

  2. Philanthropist

    What a pile of crock that is…next you'll be calling Harper an "economist".
    As for Flagerty and his clap trap about Canada being better off than other countries (U.S.) when are we going to look to ourselves and ask ourselves what can we do to make change in Canada for the best. How best can we be. For Flagerty to ply his crap about Canada is not as bad off as the U.S., I'm sure is great comfort for Canadians who are losing their homes and spending all their savings to stay off the street for lack of solid employment. Talk about "elitist" talk from the Reform Party.


  4. " The biggest losses came in Ontario, where there were almost 23,000 fewer people working in September than the previous month, all in the services sector. Quebec, however, saw employment rise by 15,200 and its jobless rate fall half-a-point to 7.7. " ( Stat Can)


    • Why did the Montreal Gazette ignore the great news in Quebec on the Job Front and ran with Job losses title?

      Quebec in only behind NFLD in job recovery?

      Might be the lower hydro costs? The infusion of an annual 8 billion from R.O.C into the QC economy?
      Might be the hundreds of projects through the Economic Action Plan.

      • All of these stats are a total joke. Their only purpose is to pretend the recession is over so more people can be cut off EI. I don't know a single person that got anything paying a living wage. I do know a ton of kids my son's age, recent university grads in a variety of fields who's only job offers are for call centers, retail, or some other dead end, minimum wage, hell hole job. High farce.

        • Wayne are you a socialist? Do you think the role of government is to provide you with a better quality of life and income?

          A "living wage" is a concept used by socialists who demand they are paid above what the market is willing to bear by taking from others.

  5. Interest rates are at an all-time low. What on earth are you talking about?

  6. Does Bank of Canada and Bay street create Tax Policy? Did they pass the Green Energy Act? Compare the tax policy of Liberal Ontario vs Liberal Quebec and their business environment. Balanced budgets, deficits etc. Which province is a bigger basket case?

    Which province is less friendly to the creation of business?

    Where is the advantage for heavy industry like Forestry, manufacturing? Are those hydro business tax rates equal?

    Ontario has begun to lower corporate taxes with HST.

  7. Phil, it's getting increasingly boring listening to tea party people like you blaming Obama for the plight of the world economy. You people have a conveniently super short memory. Obama was elected AFTER the stock markets of the world melted down. The right wing loons in the States had pretty much a free reign since Ronald Regan to deregulate everything, lower taxes to the rich to next to nothing and allow the middle class to be tossed over board as their jobs were shipped away to third world hell holes. The States are finished, with or without Obama. Unfortunately they will drag Canada down the tubes with them on their neocon nut bar race to the bottom.