Canada expels Syrian diplomats over Houla executions -

Canada expels Syrian diplomats over Houla executions


As news is coming in that many of the more than 100 people killed last Friday in the Syrian town of Houla were executed after the town was shelled by state security forces, several countries, including Canada, are asking Syrian diplomats to leave their posts.

The Globe and Mail says all Syrian diplomats and their families still living in Canada have been given five days to exit the country, and quotes Canadian Foreign Minister John Baird as saying today:

Canada and our partners are speaking loudly, with one voice, in saying these Syrian representatives are not welcome in our countries while their masters in Damascus continue to perpetrate their heinous and murderous acts. 

The BBC says France, the UK, Italy Germany, Spain, and Australia are also expelling Syrian diplomats from their respective countries in protest over the gruesome massacre.

Among the fatal victims of the attack were 49 children and 34 women, UN staff have confirmed. UN-Arab League Kofi Annan is in Damascus today trying to salvage a peace deal that has been all but mocked by Syrian President Bashar al Assad and his government.





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Canada expels Syrian diplomats over Houla executions

  1. I bet that it was the rebals that did this.

    They have made comments that they would kill civilians and blame the government.

    It makes no sense that the government would do the point blank killing.

    It is about time our news on CBC was questioned as it just repeats the USA remarks that opposes Syria. The USA is doing it’s best to effect Regime Change

  2. Canada will not tolerate this. Out of our country! Shame on that nation!!!!!