Canada first in the world to rule BPA toxic -

Canada first in the world to rule BPA toxic

The chemical is found in plastic containers and tin cans


Bisphenol A (or BPA) is now on Canada’s most dangerous substances list, making this country the first jurisdiction in the world to declare the plastic-making compound toxic. BPA has become a health concern because it is able to mimic estrogen, leading to concern that it could cause cancers and other illnesses linked to having excessive amounts of the female hormone. Experiments with animals have found it to be biologically active, many using exposures in the range to which humans are subject to. According to federal reviews, nearly all Canadians are exposed to trace amounts of the chemical. BPA is believed to be ingested through residues leaching from polycarbonate plastic containers and tin cans, which use the compound on their inside liners.

The Globe and Mail

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Canada first in the world to rule BPA toxic

  1. Well, seeing as this is evidence-based science, how soon until we see Harper-gov lash out against it? Elites at it again! Regardless, good to see. I was getting paranoid about glass-and-metal recepticles only for the last several months.

    • I think to be fair this is one file where the Conservatives have gotten it just about right. They made a fairly dramatic but limited early move to get it out of baby bottles which helped trigger a fairly impressive move away by consumers. They also telegraphed that this announcement was coming and allowed feedback from both sides.

      Enough with fair, back to snark. For this rational process to have taken place the PMO must have completely dropped the ball here.

  2. Actually, on this one they did drop the ball. The most detailed studies in the EU, have not shown there to be any issues with BPA. This is less evidence based science than it is purely political.