Canada first out of Kyoto protocol

Ottawa deals legal blow to troubled climate treaty


Canada became the first country to pull out of the troubled Kyoto protocol on Monday, Reuters reports. Environment Minister Peter Kent announced Ottawa’s formal withdrawal on his return from climate talks in Durban, South Africa, where countries agreed to extend the Kyoto treaty for another five years and negotiate a new global arrangement with binding rules for the all the world’s major polluters by 2015. “As we’ve said, Kyoto for Canada is in the past … We are invoking our legal right to formally withdraw from Kyoto,” Kent said. China’s Foreign Ministry called Canada’s decision to abandon the treaty “regrettable.”


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Canada first out of Kyoto protocol

  1. “We have saved planet Earth for the future…”

    So shrieks South African Foreign Minister Maite Nkoana-Mashabane at the Durban conference.

    You’d think this was some scientist-hero at the end of an asteroid-impact movie. It’s the sort of hysterical rhetoric that results when academics play the rôle of street-corner prophets, robbed in white holding signs bearing dire apocalyptic scrawlings.

    May Durban and this carbo-phobic drivel go the way of Kyoto also.

  2. Nice to see Canada and the Harper Administration realize what we here in the US under President Bush knew years ago

    • Its about time, I say.

  3. I’m glad we’re out of Kyoto, we don’t have to hear the term mentioned here in Canada anymore.

    And I don’t care if we close some power stations or put up a few wind turbines, that’s just window dressing and makes the lefty’s feel all warm and fuzzy. Great.

    But I will not tolerate carbon pricing in Canada. The EU has that corrupt EU Carbon Exchange albatross hanging around their necks and they can keep it over there. Thank you.

    I will not entertain the idea of my children being issued a carbon credit card so that they can trade carbon by force of law. That will not happen. Over my dead body. Not on my watch.

    Think I’m out to lunch? Read;  http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/politics/6167671.stm

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