Canada gives command to U.S. in Afghanistan -

Canada gives command to U.S. in Afghanistan

US Lt.-Col. Steve Miller to lead troops in place of Canadian Col. St-Louis


For the first time in history Canada has left a war unfinished. The Canadian army forfeited command of the Afghanistan mission to the Americans this week in an official ceremony, The Toronto Star reports. Canadian Col. Michel-Henry St-Louis gave the reigns to American Lt.-Col. Steve Miller, as the Canadian flag came down and the American flag rose up in Ma’sum Ghar. A moment of silence was held for the 157 Canadian soldiers killed in battle. The Americans began their mission in the region in 2009, deploying 30,000 soldiers.

The Toronto Star

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Canada gives command to U.S. in Afghanistan

  1. Some of us have believed from the start that Afghanistan was not worth a drop of Canadian blood or a dollar of its treasure. It is sad to be proven right.

    People were so busy slapping “Support the Troops” stickers on their cars they didn’t take time to think deeply about the futility of this “mission”. All along we should have known that if we really wanted to support the troops we would bring them home. Thankfully that is now going to happen.

    If the Afghans want change then they will have to fight for it from within by spilling their own blood. That is the only way that a lasting and secure “democracy” can be achieved there. Good luck to them.

  2. Taliban and Al Qaida know how to destroy, not build. Remember 911, 2611, Bamiyan Buddha? They learned about explosives from mongol conquerors such as Genghis Khan (Kublai Khan was also mongol ruler). One difference is that the mongol conquerors did frontal attacks, these guys use deceit and treachery. Many families adopted the last name of Khan, to showcase their fierceness. These guys don’t consider education and civil conduct with anybody outside of their klans as beneficial. They want to drag themselves and their followers into a donkey, horse, camel (maybe they’ll advance a bit to autos, trucks and hijacked planes and boats) and explosives world. The only technologies and trade they want their followers to learn and use is — explosives, firearms, treachery and when it suits them -opium trade.

  3. It is shameful to call it a war, compared with the Military might of the NATO, Afghans Have nothing in terms of military hardware. it is unwise of Afghans or Taliban to even fight such a powerful army. and for the West to call it a war speaks for itself. they have always been the way they are , Why did it become so important to civilize them by force now?  or liberate their women using bombs. If they can come up with a number,ie they liberated more women than they have killed, they should call it a victory. at least you need something to be proud of , For the Canadian Govt , just some praise from the Americans is all they cherish and love, the love showered from the Americans is worth more than the lives lost. A happy Harper , at least they did their best to please Americans . no need for any regrets. Afghans could not be civilized by force , but it is their fault. It is definitely not the folly of those who wanted to accomplish such an impossible task in the first place.