Canada has a new saint

Pope approves canonization of Brother André, founder of Montreal’s St. Joseph’s Oratory


The founding cleric of St. Joseph’s Oratory in Montreal, Brother André, has been approved by Pope Benedict XVI  to become saint. André was one of six candidates being reviewed for sainthood, all of whom will be formally canonized on Oct. 17 at the Vatican. Born Alfred Bessette on Aug. 9, 1845, André was known as a healer and miracle-worker. He founded a tiny chapel on Mount Royal in 1904 which grew into the giant landmark church that now towers over the city. André is Canada’s 11th saint.

CBC News

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Canada has a new saint

    • Well, it helps when you have the man's blood pumping organ in a jar to help you contemplate things… Apparently!

      On another note, is Einstein's brain available for contemplation?

  1. I'm guessing you're the same guy who commented on the CBC story about how Louis Riel had so much more to show for his life than this Brother Andre character.

    • He also had much hipper clothes!

  2. What a lot of superstitious nonsense. Any one past the age of waiting for the tooth fairy , unless indoctrinated by the Church, couldn’t possibly believe in this silliness. Apparently, its still the early fourteenth century in the vatican, and among believers.

    This stuff belongs in the entertainment section, along with the daily horoscope and Peanuts.

    • Thanks for your tolerance and congratulations, Bill. We all love your positive feedback here.

  3. hopefully we are past several imaginatve and immature issues such as goblins, witches, saints, ghosts, magic, easter bunny, santa clause …most sociologists, psychologists, psychoanalysts, and most other gists say we are in age of enlightenment! but to some people i suppose its …whats that?

  4. But Pokerface- why should we be tolerant of superstition, religious indoctrination, and beliefs mired in the dark ages? Why is it so hard for believers to accept that we're all we have, this is all there is and that the only ones that can solve our problems, is us. You and me and the other six billion or so of us. Not some magical figure in the sky, some Imam, or saviour.
    These beliefs, especially when gone over to the extremes of fundamentalism whether Christian, Islamic, Hinu, Jewish or whatever, are at best, a prison that divides us. At worst, with all the nuclear weapons avaialable, they are a receipe for extinction.

    If we don't learn to put away our childish myths and beliefs that separate us, we will surely all come together in, as Eric Hoffer said, "the firey embrace of involuntary brotherhood."

    • If it can help guide people to live right and do right, I'm all for it. They're offering up the example of this man's life and works to be what we can all aspire to be: good people.

      If you can't tolerate that, I'm not sure you're a very popular guy.

  5. So? This is like finding out my neighbor's throwing a birthday party for her cat. It's a cute tradition but it's hard to think of it in terms of real life.

  6. I have had an answer to my prayers ,I suppose I could put it down as coincidence ,but my request was next to impossible until I prayed .
    My prayers were to St Jude .Skeptic now believer,which totally changed my life.

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