Canada is 'excessively punitive' on kids according to UN -

Canada is ‘excessively punitive’ on kids according to UN


OTTAWA – A United Nations review of Canada’s child-rights record says Ottawa is moving backwards with its changes to juvenile justice.

The UN committee on the rights of the child says the federal government’s tough-on-crime omnibus bill that passed earlier this year is “excessively punitive” for youth.

The new law, Bill C-10, stiffens penalties for youth crime and makes it easier for courts to try violent offenders as adults.

The committee says C-10 needs to be brought in line with the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and other international standards.

The committee also urged Ottawa to do something to fix the dramatic over-representation of aboriginal and black children in the justice system.

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Canada is ‘excessively punitive’ on kids according to UN

  1. Ottawa is moving backwards – period.

  2. The last line makes me laugh. Maybe if the aboriginal and black children stop committing crime they won’t be over represented in there. If you commit crime no matter what your race is you should be punished. The fact that kids who commit crime get very little punishment is the reason there are so many repeat young offenders. There must be accountability for crimes committed no matter what age or race.

    • Not for nothing will those kids get off your lawn, eh?

    • I think punishment should be progressively harsher and/or longer with more crimes. With less rehabilitation and more cost-savings. So no, children shouldn’t be started off too harshly. Part of the problem is it is tough to cost-estimate things like community centres and sports and libraries and summer camps and parks…but you can get a 1st hand sense of ROI if you aren’t raised sheltered. Is why I liked Chretein. Rich white kids would commit crimes if they were as bored and deprived as poor minorities. If you remove the racism and income effects (rich parents are better), then citizen can laugh with reason. We might have to oputlaw some microinjection mold die geometries or mold topologies if too dual use. Is relevant to this thread though maybe only in other countries. Some extremists are just mercernaries. There doesn’t need to be any $$ terrorism.

    • Because black and aboriginal kids are just genetically predisposed to be criminals, is that what you’re arguing?

      If you used your brain for half a second, you’d perhaps understand that there’s probably a reason why they are committing more crimes, hence over-represented in our criminal justice system.

      That’s what the UN is saying we need to be looking at.

      • Just kick the UN out of the country…

        The 9-11 terrorists hit the wrong buildings in NY.

      • There is NO excuse for crime. Using the fact that you are come from a poor area or have nothing better to do is a load of crap. Everyone has to know right from wrong PERIOD!! And no one said anything about being genetically predisposed to be criminals, that just isn’t possible. Everyone has the freedom to choose what they do no matter where they come from and what race they are PERIOD!

        • Goody two shoes.

        • So then why is it that there are more aboriginals and blacks committing crimes?

          I mean, this isn’t just a few more, this is a statistically significant number. Obviously there’s something different there, so come on, bright boy, lemme know what it is.

  3. There is a Globe and Mail radio ad about Canada’s Universities. There is a student whining about $25000 in debt. The Liberals had a 1st and last year University free platform. The G & M endorsed CPC…they G & M was complaining about Canada healthcare costs. One of the efficiencies is economies of scale and best practises learning…the CPC is the 2nd most decentralizing-to-Provinces Party. That is expensive but good if you have natural resources (which obviously doesn’t breed IQ). That student lives in the only country without a housing strategy. McGuinty just got pharmacists to administer flu shots. Is this a cost savings? It is if only docs did. Can some nurses administer this? Which ones? Good on Ontario. Who wants to live where poor people hate rich people. Can we trade AB and SK for Washington and Northern Cali?
    If not, we could just annex the latter. Our CBC taught me about Queenston Heights while they are cutting Grover. Grover selling kermit sunglasses, taught me how to work a dead-end job.

  4. This is the problem we have in Canada. Most Canadians are reasonable, enlightened and thoughtful people (more than 60%). This number includes people like Thwim. Then you have less than 40% of Canadians who are neither reasonable, nor enlightened, nor thoughtful. Most of these people are concentrated in Alberta and a few other rural areas. Included in this group are people like Citizen. Normally, the 60% of decent people would establish a clear majority and shape public policy. The minority of unsophisticated Canadians would play only a minor role in public policy. The problem is that Canada is NOT a democracy. Our system is one of government by the minority. This is why the minority of unsophisticated Canadians has, as bizarre as this is, full control over the political agenda. This is not unlike apartheid in South Africa, where about 20% of the population ran the country with complete disregard of the interests of the majority (in Canada this number is 39%). This together with political apathy that is very prevalent in Canada makes for very inferior public policy choices (in comparison to other developed countries). This in turn attracts the attention of organizations such as the UN, amnesty international, etc., who are usually active in the third-world. This, in a nutshell, is the problem…