Canada is not an energy superpower, desperately needs new national strategy


Canada may have oil, but the country is falling dangerously behind in energy innovation, the Globe and Mail reports. A new study by the Mowat Centre at the University of Toronto shows that Canada is by no means an “energy superpower” due to slow development of technology and “fragmented” government policies and programs.

Mowat Centre director Matthew Mendelsohn told reporters that the world market is evolving, and that Canada will have to produce cleaner forms of energy to keep up with the shift in demand. He says Canada should put new, greener technology at the centre of a new national energy strategy.

Mendelsohn also supports the suggestions put forward in the 2011 Jenkins report on research and development spending, which urges more direct government funding of technology development and less emphasis on tax credits.

While the Canadian government has invested a great deal into technology development, the country continues to have a poor track record of technology innovation and a growing technology trade deficit.

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Canada is not an energy superpower, desperately needs new national strategy

  1. Yawn…

    Let me save some time for you in your future “investigative reporting” pursuits:

    If the Harper Gov’t wants to do something (e.g. fire sale Canada’s raw resources for beans to foreign nationals and give all their best buds tax breaks), start off your investigation by assuming that it has absolutely no basis in sound fiscal policy, it is short-sighted, it benefits only a few lobbyists (read: friends), and works against the interests of the “people”.

    If you start from this viewpoint by default, you can be sure to be as close to the truth as possible. After that it’s just filling in the particular names and corporations that were involved in the particular scandal/’contract bid’ of the day.

    You’re welcome.