Canada is too dangerous for the former vice president, so he cancels Toronto speech -

Canada is too dangerous for the former vice president, so he cancels Toronto speech


Former U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney has cancelled an appearance at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, where he was scheduled to speak, along with his daughter Liz, on April 24 about his time in U.S. politics. Apparently, Canada is too dangerous for the Cheney family.

“Quite simply, Canada is just not a friendly country to them,” Robert Ruppert, president of Spectre-Live, the event organizer, told the Toronto Sun. “(They) decided it was better for their personal safety they stay out of Canada,” he added to the Canadian Press.

The last time Cheney visited Canada was in September of 2011, when he went to Vancouver to promote his recently published memoir, In My Time. He was greeted by protesters denouncing him as a war criminal, with some arguing that Canada should arrest him and hand him over to the International Criminal Court. After all, this is the man who claimed—wrongly—there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, justifying the unprovoked American invasion of the country in 2003. He has also defended the use of waterboarding, a practice widely deemed to be torture.

In Vancouver last September, anti-Cheney protesters scuffled with police and booed as guests arrived to hear Cheney speak. One man was arrested for choking a staff member at the venue, and Cheney was reportedly forced to remain inside for hours while the cops cleared out the angry crowd.

So he’s not coming back.

Those who had already bought tickets to see him in Toronto, at prices ranging from $79 to $595, will be eligible for refunds. Or they can go listen to Cheney’s replacements, the vociferous free speech advocate Mark Steyn and the Sun News Network’s Michael Coren.

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Canada is too dangerous for the former vice president, so he cancels Toronto speech

  1. Yay, Throw his ass in jail and I’ll be a happy guy.

  2. Canada is more secure and friendly than USA. He should be thankful for visiting Canada

    • I agree with your first sentence. I’m quite happy to have him stay on his side of the border though.

  3. Canada really doesn’t support “free” speech.   Someone who is contentious is often shouted down rather than debated civilly. If you doubt what I say just take a look at our parliament. 

    • I agree 100%

      You don’t need to go to parliament however, the civilian populace can show you that.

    • Hint: Free speech does not equate to a forum where people will listen.

    • Certainly the current government doesn’t support free speech.  Just think George Galloway, and he wasn’t promoting torture and “the dark side” as was this disgusting piece of human sludge.

    • He was free to come here to speak. He apparently chose not to because ordinary Canadians believe that free speech is their right too. He wants to tell us what to think, not listen to what we think of him.

      He’s not the first right-wing American to run when prople object to the message. Guess they don’t feel safe if they can’t pack heat.

    • Please, anyone who tries to “civilly” debate an ideologue soon learns that such a thing is not in fact possible in any meaningful sense of the word.

      In order to debate, both sides need to make salient points, and frankly, I’ve never seen such from people like Dick Cheney, Michael Coren, Marke Steyn, Ann Colter etc etc.

      Instead it is clear that their intent is in fact to drive rational people crazy with various prejudiced slurs, baseless innuendo and unsupported claims galore. They then use the resulting predictable backlash as proof that they’re “values” are under attack and a psuedo justification for their otherwise indefensible viewpoints.

  4. who the hell would pay to hear a guy who shots his friends with his trusty shotgun…sort of the Elymer Fudd of the US

  5. This monster belongs south of the border, best not to pollute our air with his breath.

  6. any country who would elect bush and cheney really need to have a long hard look at themselves. Gee, what am I talking about? We elected one of their clones.
    Big brother and the New World Order.

  7. When the man is right, the man is right. Everyone in Canada wants this monster puppeteer and his puppet George W. Bush arrested for their war crimes. 

  8. He is a moron, plain and simple, a war dog who has filled his book with evil deeds. Canadians like to listen to smart people, not war mongers who walk over peace to achieve their ends. He wont be able to take his oil wealth to the hereafter, good riddance! Too bad hes staying in the states, the good people dont want him there either! Back shooter should be his name’

  9.  Their is also the “robocall” scandal which is now the equivalent of the “Florida” scandal. Canadians are definitely as stupid as Americans because we too don’t protest and stop this injustice by election fraud. If enough Canadians got angry. The Supreme Court of Canada has to declare this government illegal and call for a new election.

  10. Damn, I was hoping we could water-board him !

  11. Based on the venom and hate in these replies, can’t say I blame him. It’s good to see you’re all so convinced of your righteousness that the mere idea of *letting* someone you disagree with speak allows you to call for the man’s torture.
    The tolerant left never fails to amaze (and scare the shit out of) me.

    “Respect and tolerance for all (as long as they think like me !)”

    • Where was your voice when the Regressive Conservatives wouldn’t allow George Galloway into the country to speak?  I don’t recall hearing your faux indignation then.

      If you can’t be honest, be quiet.

    • We’re allowing him to speak. Cheney is the one who chickened out. Chicken Cheney!

    •  He can come and speak … he just chose not to … he is afraid.


  12. I would say, Joseph kenny of Uganda and cheney are in a same page!!!

  13. Yeah – Canada still stands for SOMETHING! We stand on guard for thee! Let him make his dissent from somewhere else in the world. Criminals don’t deserve a podium, even in a free society.

  14. Whew that was close..!
    ….thought I was going to have to spend all of April 24 trying to let the UN know that Cheney needs to be arrested for war crimes…..not that he is not coming that means its a free day now…
    …yeah me !

  15. He’s a war criminal. Ship him to the Hague.

  16. bummer….

  17. The courage of the right wing is illustrated in a single craven action.
    He was quite happy to torture people, kidnap and secretly fly them out of the country to be tortured, send young men and women off to die on a whim, gaol them when they didn’t want to go back after two tours and imprison people without charge or due process. Oh he could talk the talk, but when he has to face a few protestors he poops himself and runs away.

    A wingnut, a coward and a pathetic excuse for a human being. Good ridance to bad rubbish.

  18. Chicken.

    First he wants to have others to beat up another country, then he wants him and his friends to have access to making huge profits, then he defends torture or near-torture, and NOW he has the courage only to run away from a speaking engagement in Canada?  What a pathetic fraud … to think that this guy was one heartbeat away from the US Presidency.

  19. I have never been so proud to be a Canadian. To have a former  VP, of MY COUNTRY’s largest trading partner and closest ally in the war on terror turn tail and run for cover, AFTER booking the gig AND selling seats, shows that public sentiment can have an IMPACT. Just seems to emphasize how shallow he and his boss (who was it ? Oh Yeah ! , Bush is just another name for c.nt ), they didn’t have the foresight to think back 5 months to when he was stuck inside, under Police protection for 7 hours in Vancouver, because he wasn’t safe to go out onto the streets of Canada.
       Personally, I would invite Obama or Clinton, Bill or Hillary, to my house for dinner. George Sr if he was willing to answer any question, Dubya, stay at yer ranch please, the world is safer shunning yer ‘book’ sales.
      On a Global note, the US, Russia, China and to a lesser extent, Canada, sells millions of firearms and other lethal weapons annually all over the world with limited and / or sceptical reasoning to duobtful regimes. HOW MANY FIREARMS DOES THE PLANET REQUIRE ? 
       The ‘League of Nations’ and the United Nations had admirable starts. Today, the UN is an inefectual institution mired in red tape, corruption and power mongering. 
      With the recent viral internet videos circulating of just causes, the time is ripe to start a new, thoughtfuly considered internet campaign.
       Listening, Anonymous, Hackers etc ?
    If the world could have a free media connection, and we could alll get it together, this is what I think could unite the world.

    An organization, loosely titled ‘ Peoples of the Ethical Planet’. Not ‘for’ the Planet, we are the Planet. Why the ‘Planet’ Because that’s all we have left !

    The Organization should be based on DEMOCRACY, real DEMOCRACY !         That would mean one vote for every person on the planet. A lofty goal to be sure. But if this were to start on the ‘net,
    bearing in mind that most net users are younger and free thinking, this could have a Global IMPACT!

    For starters, elect two people ( NGO’s ) as Secretary and   Assistant to each of four positions:
    Economic Equality
    Human Rights

    The current ‘Industrial/ Miltary Complex’ that is ruling the world will have all of us singing ‘Always Look on the Bright Side of Life’ while the world crumbles around us.

    Someone please , I’m in for a nap and too old to spearhead this.I will however encourage and supprt any movement in this direction.

    Slidin’ Simon        

  20. Can’t say I blame him.  Expose the Left to anything with which they disagree and they tend to respond not with reasoned argument, but with insults, loutish attempts to silence the speaker, and sometimes violence.  Sounds like the last time Cheney visited, one of his staff was physically assaulted.  Why should he put his staff through that ordeal again?

    It’s a disgrace that some Canadians have shamed us all by using violence and thuggery to stifle opposing views.  You people are unworthy of this great country.

    • It wasn’t a safety issue. It was poor ticket sales. One promo spot with Ezra on Sun news in December, no advertising, no online push, and a marketing company with no hitory of event management.

      They needed at least 2500 seats sold to break even, as Cheney bills about $100.000 + expenses per speech, plus the rental of the hall, food, equipment etc.

      Note that Mr. Cheney has said nothing about security; it’s all been from the promoters.

  21. Stay away please.

  22. Ha Ha Ha Ha … sure Dick, have you checked out the murder rate in Washington DC as compared to anywhere in Canada?

    Potential to have to stand trial for the things you have done is really scary though isn’t it?