Canada lags behind in H1N1 trials

Immunization to begin in November “if all goes well”


When it comes to kick-starting clinical trials of the new H1N1 vaccine, Canada is lagging behind the rest of the world, reports the Globe and Mail. During a teleconference earlier this week, federal chief health officer David Butler-Jones told reporters that GlaxoSmithKline has assured him that even though Canadian trials won’t begin until September or October, the company will have “all the information” that it needs by November, which is the target date for immunization to begin—”hopefully, if all goes well.” Trials are already underway in Australia, and the US plans to start its trials in the “near future.”

The Globe and Mail

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Canada lags behind in H1N1 trials

  1. It would be great for the Macleans staff to begin a discussion of the Canadian H1N1 vacine preparation. The issue of adjuvanted vacines is highly non-trivial and it is striking that Canada is taking a completely different tack than the US.