Canada least corrupt in Americas, says honesty index -

Canada least corrupt in Americas, says honesty index

We were up against the likes of Bolivia and Haiti, but hey, we’re not complaining


Don’t try telling Montrealers, but in relative terms, Canada is seen as having little corruption and a high degree of government transparency, according to a Berlin-based watchdog. Transparency International ranked the country first in the Americas and eighth world-wide on an index that ranks 180 countries based on international perceptions. We scored 8.7 points out of 10, versus basement-dwelling Somalia at 1.1. New Zealand ranked highest (9.4), while the U.S. (7.5) came in 19th, primarily because of the influence of monied interests on Congress.

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Canada least corrupt in Americas, says honesty index

  1. I wouldnt try and tell Montrealers anything, they already know everything.

  2. It's not a measure of corruption, it's a measure of "perceived corruption".

    Therefore it's entirely possible that Canada has the same (or worse) corruption than the US, but Canadians are more naive about it.

    I have no evidence either way, but I wish whoever does these Need to Know segments would be a little more careful with their headlines. It's not the first time the headline has completely misrepresented the story.

  3. What kind of el torro poo poo, is going on. Canada is at # 20, on the list of the most corrupt country's, and falling more every day. Canada is rotten with corruption. AND, the two at the top reasons, are politicians and the RCMP. The premier of BC, Gordon Campbell, is a criminal and, the province is in a crisis. He lies, steals, he is full of deceit, he is selling our natural resources, he has no right to do something that stupid. Those resources belong to the citizens, and not to him. He also thieved from our tax dollars, a 53% wage hike for himself. AND Harper is licking his lips in anticipation, waiting for Campbells stupid HST, to infect all the provinces. Harper, has not lifted a finger to stop Campbells insanity, nor have any Liberal leaders. The CRA, is corrupt, we were only able to find one government agency that wasn't corrupt. Canada, is so close to being similar to Nazi Germany, that I am leaving Canada. I had 3 brothers and a sister, who, served in WW11 and they really see that happening. What in the hell did our young Canadians boys, get blown to hell for, not, for a Nazi Canada. Well it looks like they fought for nothing.

  4. There are Canadian citizens, who are very alarmed by the corruption in this country. The judicial system is totally rotten to the core. I was referred to a case of, a judge in Kamloop's was caught participating in corruption. we then began researching other corruption in the judicial system. This is a disgrace, to all Canadians. Law firms also have to clean up corruption. The RCMP are corrupt. In fact when we all got together, and compared notes. The only government agency we found not corrupt was, The OAP and CPP. There is supposed to be a site put up, to see how many Canadians have been let down by their lawyers, resulting in an unfair judgement.