Canada loses World Junior hockey final

Russia mounts third period comeback to win 5-3


Canada suffered an epic third period collapse in the gold medal game of the World Junior Hockey Championship on Wednesday, allowing the Russians to storm back into a game that as all but over before the start of the final frame. Down 3-0 going into the third, Russia scored five unanswered goals to send the Canadians home with a silver medal for the second year in a row. “They just turned it on and I just think we weren’t ready for what they had to throw at us,” Team Canada captain Ryan Ellis said after the game. The Canadian squad was apparently so confident of the outcome, the players were discussing to whom they would dedicate their victory in the dressing room between periods. “It’s probably 10 times worse,” Ellis answered when asked about how the result compares to last year’s overtime loss to the U.S. “[The gold medal] was right there. We had it and now it’s gone.”


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Canada loses World Junior hockey final

  1. I was so mad in the third period…..its just not somthing that happens very often……my school even put on the russian national anthem

  2. You NEVER EVER stop playing until the last buzzer goes off. And you never think you've got the upper hand. There's no excuse for what happened last night. We gave Gold to the Russians, we didn't want it bad enough, plain and simple.

  3. They didn't give gold. They lost it. Being cocky will tech you a lesson….:)

  4. They're teenagers. Emotion — overconfidence, then panic — got the better of them. Big deal. One junior hockey tournament doesn't usurp our position as the greatest hockey nation on earth.

    That US-Canada game was beautiful to watch. I've never seen a team play so flawlessly. It doesn't quite overcome the disappointment of not winning gold, but it comes pretty damn close.

    • Its true. unlike the NHL, these kids make mistakes. But it was a pretty bad mistake. Hopefully they will do better next year

      • Agree…We learn by our mistakes….

  5. The Canadian Players are far to happy after they score a goal so naturally they are devasted when someone scores against them.The media should also stop putting the goldmedals on canadian athletes before the event.It shows we have no respect for others.The result is:Canada becomes the laughing stock around the world.Same in Soccer and other sports.

  6. Hello Boy

  7. As an American hockey dad, this game was a valuable lesson for my son. NEVER underestimate your opponent. Cockyness breeds lazyness. The Canadians beat the US team with skill, speed, and determination. Somewhere between that game and the gold medal game they went from hockey players to feeling they already were entitled to the gold. Hopefully for all of their careers it taught them the same lesson it taught my son.

  8. USA Record 5-1
    CANDA Record 4-2
    Canada just lost at the right time. I am so glad the Russians destroyed your team. Ha Ha Ha Ha.

    • Shame on you for being so mean !! We are your neighbors and your best friends and allies XD

  9. Although I love watching junior hockey, one thing a can't stand watching are the amateur mistakes made. They got lazy and lost; I really hope they learn from this.

  10. @dandmb50 – Thought they let it go late in the game but played well and let's not forget, they won a silver medal. Russia suprised me too, but that's life. They have nothing to be ashamed of. Reminds me of our Olympic skaters, they get disappointed they don't win Gold, you won.____Daniel .. Toronto_ _

  11. Perhaps Russia was really that good all along and decided to embarrass team Canada. 5 goals in one period cant be a fluke. They have mad skills.

  12. We are so parochial in hockey as in everything else – the human limitation of looking at the world only from our own perspective. Why not celebrate the incredible effort made by the Russian youth in turning looming defeat into victory rather than just lamenting the "failure" of "our" lads? Most of us are no more related to members of the Canadian team than we are to members of the Russian team. All are members of the same species playing the same game.

  13. Tony, the sanctimonious Canuckistani just isn't capable of that what you ask for.

  14. Prior to the game I was already disheartened by the overzealousness and arrogant pride displayed and thought to myself ‘pride cometh before the fall'. And as I began watched the 3rd period, I saw the Russians score one goal after another and all of them going answered and then I knew that my feelings prior to the game were now being fulfilled. As much as it hurt, even me, it didn't come as a surprise: Yes, pride was demonstrated before the fall. Will this be a learning lesson? I guess I'll have to wait and see!

  15. So much time, money and human emotion wrapped up in a stupid hockey game played by teenagers. Really….seriously…get real. I was actually laughing during the 3rd period….not at the players, as they were just kids caught up in the moment….but at the 30 and 40 somethings with the red and white clown hair and team Canada jerseys on in the crowd. Grow up…outside of a small group of fans, NOBODY CARES ABOUT HOCKEY.

    • Wow… I bet you would be a real joy at social events …Gaaawwd !

  16. I think we should call it as true miracle on ice, unlike that one in 1980.