Canada may soon be out of the isotope business — whether we like it or not

U.S. mulls firing up its own reactors


Remember a few months back when the prime minister told reporters that Canada was getting out of the isotope business? Turns out he may be right — although it may not be voluntary. The Globe and Mail reports that Parrish Staples, a senior official with the National Nuclear Security Administration told a meeting of the National Academies that the United States is looking at “a broad spectrum of ways to convert reactors in the U.S. to produce a domestic supply of technetium.” According to “nuclear watchers” back here in Canada, that could “doom” the industry here, and leave Canada dependent on the U.S. for future isotope needs.

The Globe and Mail

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Canada may soon be out of the isotope business — whether we like it or not

  1. Thanks Harper, Thanks a lot.

  2. Yep, Harper was right. Canada is slowly becoming less and less recognizable. We've gone from a sovereign country to the 51st State. We depend so much on the U.S. it's unhealthy.

  3. Well, seeing as how successive Canadian Governments have let this situation worsen, and the current government letting it totally crash and burn, it is probably best to let someone capable do it so that patients will have access to the treatments they need. The only question is, how much more will it cost?

    • We were capable, we just didn't allocate the required funds. Perhaps this will be the more cost-effective way.