Canada officially recognizes Libyan rebels -

Canada officially recognizes Libyan rebels

Endorsement comes ahead of debate on NATO-led mission


The federal government is casting its lot with the rebels in Libya. Canada declared on Tuesday it was officially recognizing the National Transitional Council of Libya as the legitimate representative of Libyan citizens. The announcement by Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird came ahead of a debate in the House of Commons over the extension of Canada’s participation in a NATO-led military mission in Libya. The NDP has proposed amendments to the government motion to continue the mission, including an increase in humanitarian aid, a focus on preventing and prosecuting rape as a tool of war, and a pledge to keep troops off the ground.

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Canada officially recognizes Libyan rebels

  1. Defence Minister Peter MacKay acknowledged many questions remain around what a future democratic government might look like in Libya. 
    In spite of the foregoing, we are ready to recognize the “rebels” as the official government of Libya even though we don’t know who they are! Hmmmm……….