Canada orders 1,300 smart bombs -

Canada orders 1,300 smart bombs

Weapons purchase reportedly for operations in Libya


Canada’s defence department has ordered more than 1,300 laser-guided smart bombs, reportedly for use in the operation against Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi. The bombs are estimated to cost $100,000 each and follow reports NATO allies involved in operations in Libya are running out of weapons (NATO has denied the claims). As of Monday, Canadian CF-18 fighter jets had flown 272 sorties, but the Defence Department has not said how many bombs those planes have dropped. Though Gadhafi has so far successfully resisted efforts to oust him, Defence Minister Peter MacKay said over the weekend that Canada has no intention of sending more planes or expanding its role in Libya.

Ottawa Citizen

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Canada orders 1,300 smart bombs

  1.  Needed to fill Cabinet posts.

  2. Great to hear we are keeping our stocks up.  What else would you expect from a countries Military, that they buy water balloons?  I expect the Gov’t and the Military to have thier act together, to buy the needed Bombs, Tanks, guns, Planes etc. needed to fight and win.  I also expect them to buy the equipment to provide a duel roll, to help emergency situations.  That includes ships, big planes pumps, hospital gear etc.  Thats what they do, thats what we pay them to do. 

  3. Make’s a federal election look cheap.

    Maybe all federal spending should be made out in bombs, or perhaps bomb days (ie the number of days it takes to drop X number of bombs)

    ie. The last election only cost 3 bombs, or 0.5 days of bombing…

    Do they really need to make the bombs this smart, I mean they are just going to blow them up. They might as well pack some TNT into a sports car and drop it into libya…

    But all joking aside, I hope that the situation over there is resolved soon… 

  4. so many bombs
    but for what?

  5.  I hope they went to tender on this…