Canada Post strike begins -

Canada Post strike begins

Workers say modernization program is a safety hazard


Postal workers rejected Canada Post’s contract proposals on Thursday, beginning a 24-hour rotating strike at midnight. Canadian Union of Postal Workers president, Denis Lemelin, held a press conference in Ottawa on Friday, citing Canada Post’s flawed modernization program as the strike’s catalyst. Its implementation, says Lemelin, has resulted in a 15 percent increase in worker injuries and poor customer service. Winnipeg’s workers were first to strike because the modernization program began there, and Hamilton’s will be the next. However, according to Canada Post spokesman Jon Hamilton, things at the post office are still “business as usual”.

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Canada Post strike begins

  1. Poor customer service indeed!  We just had one of our wedding invitations returned “no such address” with part of the postal code circled in pen because my daughter wrote a 7 instead of a V….The rest of the address, including the house #, street, city, province and remainder of the postal code were spot on….these people definitely deserve a bigger raise [insert sarcasm here].

  2. Correct me if I am wrong, but if each province can take a ‘day off’, and it is business as usual, are they working to capacity? Maybe they deserve a pay decrease, as they have been slacking up to this point? Not saying that this is true, but if they can keep the same level of service, while having a rotating strike, something is wrong.

  3. What a Post Office Strike?  Who will notice?

  4. Canada Post should not be allowed to strike and hold the rest of the country hostage by not moving the mail. These strikes only hurt the company as we all find new ways of moving our mail. Shame on you Canada Post workers, you should feel honoured to have a job!