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200 Sri Lankan refugees headed for Canada: report

Migrants “trying to take advantage of our system,” says government


Canadian authorities are monitoring a ship that’s believed to be smuggling 200 Tamil migrants from volatile Sri Lanka. The Sun Sea was last seen off the Gulf of Thailand. Sri Lanka’s Sunday Observer newspaper reported that experts now believe the ship is headed for Canada, rather than Australia as originally suspected. If it lands, it will be the largest number of migrants ever smuggled into Canada at once, according to the Vancouver Sun. The Ocean Lady, which carried 76 Tamil asylum seekers, arrived in B.C. last October. They are now making their way through the refugee claim process. “This could end up being a prime example of individuals trying to take advantage of our generous immigration system,” said Celyeste Power, spokeswoman for Immigration Minister Jason Kenney.

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200 Sri Lankan refugees headed for Canada: report

  1. Why don,t we hire some North korean Submarine to sink the thing should It get within the two hundred mile limit? Then, perhaps,others would take notice.

    • i 100% in agreement

  2. They've been drawn to Canada by Maclean's annual report on Canadian sex lives. I'm surprised there aren't more ships en route.

    When Maclean's conducts its next survey, either don't answer the sex questions or start telling the truth.

    • ………….LOL!!!….you mean there is actually sex happening in Canada?? Seriously though. I think we all know what is going to happen when this ship does finally arrive here, don't we?

  3. Jean Raspail's novel "Camp of the Saints" comes to mind.

  4. The G8/G20 showcasing of Canada 'is working' .

  5. Canada should dispatch a couple of Navy ships and deny them a landing on Canadian soil.

    • Canada has already set a precedent with the last illegal boat carrying Tamils (note: not Sinhalese) headed for its shores. These guys will be taken in by the consul, set up with cheques, housing, and interpreter services before they find themselves en route to citizenship. It's a very sad thing for the country that we have so little respect for our borders and international law that the government allows this to happen, especially considering Canada plays host to more Tamils than the largest Tamil city in Sri Lanka. Tamils have presumably come here the "legal way" in the past, but this commandeering of Sri Lankan ships to drop off Sri Lanka's unwanted is beyond the pale. Sri Lanka should face penalties and the people should be shipped right back where they came from and take up their claims with the Canadian Consul just like everybody else.

    • Agree..The Tamil ship should be refueled and given whatever humanitarin supplies they need to return to Sri Lanka or any other Port they choose …as long as it is not a Canadian one.! Come on Canada learn to say ''NO! ''

      • I don't think you'll be here if the Natives given you some food and send you sailing back to England would you??? Don't forget our forefathers journeyed the same voyage to get here.

        • That was then, this is now, our Forefathers came to this part of the world of their own free will, and through sheer determination and hard work built this beautiful country we can proudly call Canada. These individuals are undesireable and unwanted in their own country and will contribute nothing of worth to Canada.

          • true north, aren't you forgetting some very important parts of historical record – free will, sheer determination, hard work, and…
            the tamils might be working towards the same goal. you never know, eh!! @_@

          • Not likley,our forefathers did all the dirty work, the Tamils will just come here now and reap the benefits of our generous system, start up a few Tamil Tiger terrorist cells under the guise of some charitable organization, filter sums of money back to Sri Lanka…but yes Eddie you might be right, with sheer determination, hard work, you never know eh!!

          • that is exactly what i mean, TN! that is how they operate. unfortunately, those is power seem to be blind to this M.O. they just refuse to accept that there are such devious people in the world. i understand that Canadians are kind-hearted, compassionate people, but there has to be a limit to compassion, and a line has to be drawn limiting how far over we are going to bend to accommodate people who are only going to take advantage of our social system. wouldn't you say!?

          • I couldn't agree more, as I said above,these paticular people have nothing to contribute to Canada except to become a burden along with being a Security risk. I read this morning that the Canada Revenue Service has revoked the Charitable status of the Tamil (Sri-Lanka ) Refugee Aid Society of Ottawa because they filtered $ 713,000.00 back to the Tamil Terrorists, hopefuly now that this has happened the Federal Authorities will do some house cleaning of these so called ""Citizens.''' Oh,by the way what exactly does @_@ mean ..I'm not that savy on computer lingo. (yet )

          • i would say "Amen" to that if I believed it possible. That news does not surprise me in the least bit. I used to see notices in many tamil shops in my area explaining the disbursement of funds to srilankan tamils from purchases made there. i tended to avoid such establishments. the govt. obviously did not see those notices.

            hehe…neither am i, but i have seen it on some anime forums and assumed it meant something like 'wide-eyed'. it turns out to be trying to copy the big eyes of the characters in the animations. i still think it works well as a 'surprised wide-eyed look', eh!?


          • I am now educated in computer lingo emotions…( I thought it was some form of Cyber cussing ! ) It would be interesting to know if the appropriate Law Enforcement Agencies were aware of those postings you speak of ? …The public should remember, something that might seem trivial, just might be that piece of the puzzle they are looking for….you never know !!

          • contribute nothing? Canada NEEDS immigrants now for our economy. you want to sentence fellow people to death? than do so.

    • That's the major difference between Canada's method of handling this situation, and the American's way. The Canadian Navy will intercept this ship, and escort it to the nearest Canadian port. The passengers and crew will be handed over to Immigration Canada, for a few years of R&R.
      The American navy, on the other hand, gives them a map of Canadian seaports.

      • Lol, so true!

    • i think canadians are too tolarating, we as canadians need to stop complaining to ourselves and start doing something about all the imigrants that come into this country and take over. i am an imigrant from south america, i came here for a better life and i have done that. i did not want to change the laws to accomodate my religion or my culture, i abide with the rules of this country and that is why i get so angry when i see these people by the boat loads expecting canadians to be sympatetic to them. why did they not try to go to the US?, why canada? why no other country?. I'll tell you why, because we are push overs. we take them and then they commit fraud and go back to where they come from leaving us taxpayers with all the debts. eg. bank loans, visa etc. unless we stand up to this government and say no we are not supporting this crap, treat them and ship them back to where they come from, it's only a matter of time before another boat and another boat comes here. maybe they heard of the prediction that by 2030 whites will be a minority….

  6. Weak Canadian immigration law and it's enforcement is to blame.Where are those Tamils from last summer? Canadian government will spend millions of our money exam each case for years to come.Meanwhile they receive handouts and subsidy and man power looking for work and housing for them. Later,when needed they send money to their tigers.
    Canadian immigration is tough and strong if,and only if,when one applys through the formal and normal channel.All you need to do is watching how many got rejected with tears in the waiting room.Immigration officers have the power to the well beings of the rest of your little pitiful life.Canadian immigration is weak,useless,can always be made fool of,manipulatable,controllable by you and all you have to do is just that,by not applying through the formal normal channel.That's why boat loaded people are coming our way and Canadian Navy ready to greet with blankets and water off shore.What next ? You already know.

    • have you seen who the imigration employees are? maybe that's the problem… do ya think… maybe they themselves are sharing the policies with these people… how is it that all the imigrants that get to come to canada are from china, pakistan, india and africa… you could probably count on one hand how many whites are aloud in canada…by the way i am of mixed race… so no i am not racisist.. it just happened to be the truth. i am sick of the tree hugging routine..

  7. I was very encouraged when I learned that the Canadian Navy had been tracking this ship since mid May, having been alerted by the Sri Lankan government. Until today, that is, when I was informed that if the boat is spotted near Canadian waters, the navy will escort the ship into port, and hand over the passengers and crew to Immigration Canada!
    On a related note, the Federal Government is in the process of enacting new legislation with regard to hospital delivery room techniques. Rather than having newborns receive the customary slap to the bottom, this new act calls for the attending physician to emblazen a large "S" on the forehead of each newborn, using a branding iron. This will not only provide the impetus for the child to take it's first breath, but additionally, will identify it as a "true Canadian".

    • that's hilarious… but true.

  8. Stop the boat before it enters our waters and turn them around. Sink the boat if necessary!

    • good for you.. i see you are not a tree hugger…neither am i..

  9. Please sink the boat before it's too late. We don't need any more Tamil fascists here who will ultimately sop up Ontario welfare payments to fund their ethnic clensing of anyone who doesn't speak Tamil, and self-ghettoize in Toronto. Let Malaysia deal with them and arrest/outlaw them like they did to their fanatic party HINDRAF.

  10. Millions of dollars from Canada have funded terrorism and war courtesy of Toronto's Sri Lankan community, that is the only reason they like Canada – we're suckers. 'Charities' are terrorist generators.

  11. I have no doubt that they will make your beautiful place more beautiful but take care of your credit cards. Sri Lanka Government has given them special training how to use others credit cards before they shipped to Canada . Good luck and thank you.

  12. Unbelievable. Where do you all get your twisted asinine misinformation from? You're all no better than the SL government, being a Tamil by default are LTTE supporters, if not terrorists.
    What a bunch of ignorant fools, who think they know everything about the causes of world problems and, let's not forget, the people responsible for said problems.

    You all are what I'd consider beating a dead horse. You'll always be blinded by your own small minds because you are incapable of seeing situations as they truly are,, much less do a little research for truth.

    • when you are reasearching the so called truth, isn't someone eleses writing it you idiot.. what is the truth anyway.. do you know what is in someone's eleses mind because that is the only way to know the truth.. we know what we see with our eyes and we are not blind…you go and believe what someone wrote and i will believe what i see…

  13. Created a beautiful country through hard work?? ( Too bad it was so ugly before it was settled, by the colonial occupiers.) Created the beautiful tar sands operation for example. As a settler I am aware I am on Native land. We are a nation of immigrants except for the indiginous people. Whose big mistake was a lax immigration policy? Well we won't make that mistake….. Remember, there is no kind and gentle way to occupy a land. No matter how hard our "forefathers" worked. Have a little compassion or is that asking too much.

  14. I am from vancouver and i wanted to say that these refugees from Sri Lanka should be allowed to stay in canada.It is the imperialist policies of the western govs. like canada,usa and the european govs.that are the root causes of these problems.The unions and other progressive people of canada should support these refugees from Sri Lanka.The problem is the canadian gov.not the refugees.This problem will only end when imperialism comes to an end.It is govs like the canadian gov.that supports the reactionary gov. of Sri Lanka.

  15. nation of immigrants…what overused nonsense… almost every country, if not every country, is a nation of immigrants… and tolerance…yea sure…I'm not sure where tolerance ends and bankrupt begins…

  16. Every nation is a nation of immigrants? That is an interesting definition of the word "immigrant." What is "indigenous" then?

    The Japanese, Chinese, Swedish, etc. are immigrants in the same sense that North Americans are immigrants? No doubt you don't like to think of your immigrant, settler roots and regard yourself as entitled. or are you First Nations? not likely.

  17. > Every nation is a nation of immigrants?

    I believe this is the root cause of several of my health conditions. I would like my Roman Genes to apologize to my British Genes, for the occupation and oppression of Britian. My Dutch Genes should probably apologize to my Roman Genes for crushing the Western Empire, and apologize for the loss of Roman Infrastructure to the British. I would like my French and British Genes to apologize to my Native Genes for the conquering of North America. I would like my Cree Genes to apologize to my Viking (Dutch) Genes and to my French Genes for the L'Anse aux Meadows massacre. Then maybe my British and Dutch Genes can get an apology from my French Genes for the Frankish invasions. My Metis Genes to apologize to my Canadian Genes for Gabriel Dumont.

    Get over the racism and nationalism. Your racial make up has nothing to do with your entitlement to a particular land. I was born on Canadian soil, and have spent more time on Canadian soil than my full blooded First Nations Cousins (who are younger than me). Which of us has more right to call this place home?

  18. As for the refugees, we have two choices: abolish the social net, or sink the boat. While I'm sure many of these people would be willing to work hard to make something of themselves; not all of them will be, some are looking for a free ride.

    If we allow one, more will follow.

  19. Am I missing something here but isn't that sort of advocating an atrocity (drowning a group of people, women, children etc.) Does Macleans consider promoting a drowning of a group a hate crime, for example? Does the Canadian government? If I am born in Canada am I more entitled to exist. than undocumented boat people? And are these boat people human ? If they are human they should they not be treated at least as well as animals at the Canadian SPCA? Aren't there some kind of laws protecting these people? And which of these laws should be repealed forthwith.?

  20. Its called hyperbole… turn the boat away, like Australia did (oh, too late).

  21. The more I think about this, the more I feel your questions require more response than I have given.

    > Does Macleans consider promoting a drowning of a group
    > a hate crime, for example? Does the Canadian government?

    This appears to be little more than a thinly veiled attempt to request Maclean's to remove the post, with the threat of violence to back it up (reporting to police/hate crimes tribunal). Attempting to intimidate your adversary, with legal violence, is a poor way to challenge their ideas.

    For the record, Maclean's policy is that we are not to "unlawfully promote or incite hatred"

    > laws protecting these people? Canadian SPCA?

    Laws are defined by governments, governemts are have control over geographic areas. The laws of Sri Lanka were the laws that protected these people, and they have willing surrendered that protection by leaving. After surrendering the protection of the Sri Lankan government, they travelled through international water. International water is just that, international; no government lays claim or offers protection.

    Which Canadian laws, that protect these people, should be repealed? None. There weren't any until they were welcomed onto Canadian soil.

    As for their being welcomed: so long as the Canadian Government offers public healthcare, pensions, and schooling; and the funds for those services are extracted from me, without a mechanism to choose; I will continue to advocate sending them away.

    There are thousands of individuals who are waiting to immigrate into Canada; hard-working, competent, and honest people. If we start choosing people based on the audacity of their request, we invite the kind of people willing to engage in high risk, regardless of the cost (aka. criminal activity). It seems a poor start to a relationship with your new culture.

    • " Which Canadian laws, that protect these people, should be repealed? None. There weren't any until they were welcomed onto Canadian soil." Answer…… have you ever heard of something called the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. It was created after the second world war in-order to end the possibility of another world war, and diminish world suffering. I know there is contention as to wether or not it is an effective peace of legislation, however, our current Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms is premised of it. It being the natural law of universal brotherhood and compassion! To damn that philosophy, is to damn our very consitution, the heart and soul of this nation. Now that my friend, is Canadian LAW!!!

  22. Here we go again! What concerns me more than anything now is how this is all going to affect my South American wife's legitimate application for permanent resident status. I would imagine all the legits will have to wait until all the refugees are processed. We are awaiting a decision so that my wife can open two stores in this country and hire ten people. Maybe I can get her on a boat or maybe get her to apply for citizenship in Iraq or Afghanistan and then get on a boat and claim REFUGEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! Or, maybe we should just say screw it and head south and relax!!

  23. Australia turned the same boat away from their shores. So did USA. Why are we taking them in?
    We are swamped in taxes. We are already paying for our welfare and baby boomer healthcare and pensions.
    We as a new Canadian generation can not afford to create families like our parents did, can not have as many kids anymore, because of the hard times and high unemployment. STOP NEW REFUGEES COMING TO CANADA.
    Gov of Canada be nice to your people for once before you extend your arm to all the world like you always do. CANADIAN PEOPLE ARE FED UP. CHANGE THE IMMIGRATION LAW, AND MAKE IT HARDER FOR PEOPLE TO COME HERE AS THEY PLEASE. WE ARE TIRED OF WORKING FOR THEM.

  24. Hyperbole…..I wonder how the bureaucrats who sent that refugee applicant back to Honduras must have felt when he was promptly murdered. on arrival. no hyperbole there. I am an immigrant who came here as sort of a political exile of sorts. I have lived here for 40 years made a contribution I thought. Did not feel the virulent hatred toward immigrants seeking refuge. at the time. Does not having few kids mean more immigrants needed. to drive taxis etc. I am not tired of working to help refugees. If I could I would do more. But I appreciate the fear of immigrants taking over the land etc. Working hard to support the lazy refugees and so on. Could they ever make a contribution to Canada I wonder. Are they all just pârasites taking jobs away from all the hard done by legitimate entitled immigrants and-or sons and daughters of immigrants. Too bad we cant afford to have a little compassion I guess.

  25. I am sick of native americans – so-called Indians claiming all their non-existant rights, drinking their faces off and crapping down the side of their government-sponsored house. So I guess we need more of the same.

    • Why does MacLeans allow racist remarks like these. I am sick of racism and racists. My grandchildren are all Native as is my daughter in law. She is getting her degree from the University of Alberta. Her sister just got her bachelor of science in June as did her cousin. What degree does sick of it have. I would be surprised if sick of it has a h.s. education. Grade 10 at the most. Too bad there is no legislation against stupidity. Is this sick of it not committing a crime : inciting hatred of a group of people. First Nations have as many rights as sick of it. So get used to it. Native people are not going away.