Canada pulls out of race for UN Security Council seat -

Canada pulls out of race for UN Security Council seat

Portugal pulls out ahead in second round of voting


Canada has dropped its bid for the final seat on the United Nations Security Council after placing behind Portugal in the second round of voting. Canada’s UN Ambassador John McNee made the unexpected announcement after Portugal secured 113 votes to Canada’s 78. A two-thirds majority is required to win a seat. Initially, Germany, Portugal and Canada were competing for two non-permanent seats and Germany secured its seat by winning two-thirds in the first round. This is first time since the UN was launched in 1945 that the Canadian government has failed in a bid for a Security Council seat.

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Canada pulls out of race for UN Security Council seat

  1. Have you read Dimitri's comments regarding Canada's "loss". Unbelievable. Dude thinks we are all brain dead.

    • Is there some reason he can't shave before he goes on camera? He looks like a bouncer at some sleazy club.

  2. It's too bad the Candian left campaigned so hard for this defeat. It's just a reminder that for the far left, Canada's defeat is their victory. Shameful.

    • *guffaw * You seriously believe that's why we didn't get that seat?!??!
      Turn that line of thought around for jus' a minute then…how powerful and convincing is our PM, if the leader of one small part of the opposition can screw up this, what was usually a shoe in, for us.
      Seriously- put down the kool-aid and walk away

    • You know….if Iggy is that powerful…perhaps HE should be the PM?

    • You know Patrick.. it MIGHT have more to do with the fact the other countries didn't feel Harper was that serious about the UN, particularly when he stayed at home a couple of years ago to do some publicity stunt at a Timmy's, rather then attend climate change talks at the UN that happened to be the day newly elected Prez Obama was speaking at it in his first major speech there.

      • This would have been the Copenhagen conference, right? The one wherein the far left tipped their hand on what their efforts were REALLY about, and wasted everyone's time talking about punitive "climate reparations"?

        Yeah. That would have been time welll spent. Harper made the right decision.

  3. Perhaps Canada's (or should I say Mr. Harper's) stand on Israel and maternal health care issues excluding abortion did not sit well with the voting members of the United Nations Security Council. Maybe Mr. Harper's intransigence on such issues don't play well outside of Canada's borders, a concept that is not terribly hard to understand.

    Here's an article showing why his stance on maternal health issues may be debatable even though abortion is a issue fraught with controversy:

    • Hmmmm. Interesting. Perhaps we should turn on the only democratic, human rights-respecting state in the Middle East to appease the REAL human rights abusers in the region. Perhaps we should adopt the Orwellian pro-abortion stance on child and maternal health.

      Yep. That's makes a whoooooole lot of sense…

      • Human Rights Respecting? Yeah, every time a Palestinian spits on Israeli soil the sophisticated Israeli military kills a thousand of them.

        Sounds like they're sticking it to the REAL human rights abusers.

        • Are you also a 9/11 truther that believes George Bush and Zionists were behind the attacks in the US?

        • Your logic is faulty. National crime rates including murder and rape are from nationals within their own country. So in countries controlled by Muslims it would not be Americans or Israelis responsible.

          Who was responsible for crushing the peaceful protests in Iran? Those jails in the middle east, they were filled with by the American Courts?

        • Is that what you think has been going on? You must be joking.

          People have been dying as the Palestinians launch those rockets into Israeli civilian settlements. Perhaps you think Israel is obligated to just lie down and take it. I'm not at all sorry to be the one to tell you that they don't.

  4. and now he is….and he can't point fingers fast enough

  5. What have we gained in being a member of this hypocritic and useless organization ever, other than paying for it?

    • This is basically the attitude of the Harper government, despite the last minute sucking up. Surprise, surprise, the world figured it out. So please, no crockodile tears.

      • Not even a polar bear tear wasted, let alone crocodile.

      • I don't know about the Harper government, as they put effort in bidding for it. For me, it is not worth the effort.

  6. Well I guess the U.N. will be knocking on Portugal's door when they need peace keepers, combat troops, support and money. Canada has been an unwaivering supporter of the dysfunctional U.N. since its inception. Look at our record of support compared to that of some of the "permanent" members – we stack up very well. Perhaps our tax money and human capital would be best allocated through more direct means then through this particular intermediary.

    • I agree with diverting the money going to UN to a more direct means, by targeting countries that most need them. No more pandering to rogue and despotic countries that represent many of UN council.

  7. Interesting theory. In 2008 only 26.3% supported the second place party. In 2009 under new management they failed to win a single seat in four contests. Are you suggesting the third, fourth place political party, a separatist party is better suited to represent Canada?

    Why is the left afraid on negotiating in good faith in the open about the deal to secure the separatist votes in 2008?

  8. I expect that list of which countries supported Canada and which countries scorned Canada could form a very useful basis for a comprehensive review of our foreign policies

  9. Could Canada's plan to withdraw from Afghanistan in 2011 have affected the vote? Certainly they cannot find fault with our country's participation in that theatre thus far. My guess is that our usefulness has run out so onto the next victims.

  10. Look does anyone realize the purpose of Harper's efforts to get the seat was to be the sock puppet of the U.S. Fortunately the majority of U.N. members can see this clearly. Harper has destroyed our image of being even handed and promoting peace. I miss the days when Canada was seen as peace keepers . Harper`s position on Israel is shameful. His blind support despite the egregious breaches is shameful.

    • I believe it is your blind worship to false pride and imagery, which is more shameful. UN rejected Sweden in favor of LIBYA, is that what you call even handed and principled? Even Australia was rejected. Boy, are we in good company or what? Unless of course you prefer Libya as better company?

    • Anti Semitic Opinion. Do our hate crime investigators have your address? I would suspect a welfare fed Jew hater is on the list. Keep your shades drawn and hide in your basement.

  11. We are actually in good company of countries being rejected; Australia, Sweden (was rejected in favor of Libya – gush!) and now Canada. As the reasons given for these unfavorable votes are already out, it's not worth selling our friends and giving up our values and principles so we could kiss ugly, smelly butts – just so we could get a fake shiny image internationally. False luster wouldn't last and the after effect of that dross is not worth a peek in the mirror, let alone our conscience. Now, no more pandering and let us get our attention on where it matters most. I will not be surprise if the Liberals will make big brouhaha on this, as they are used and has been making big business in pandering, kissing butts, and giving in to blackmails even within the country just to get votes. Bypass UN and direct aid to individual countries who are willing to be accountable and responsible for every dollar aid given. Give more incentives to those countries that deliver good results. Yank useless aids from those countries that continually show failures. We could save more money and multiply the effect if done this way, than channelling money through UN (which will pay bureaucracy first – way before those aids slowly trickles to countries(corrupt officials) – way before whatever left over could reach the people who most need it). We can actually be more effective and have more impact outside the UN than within.

  12. Like all Liberal/Separatist party members, and the media, I'm very happy Canada was rejected by the U.N. Not because the UN is a corrupt institution, and a bully pulpit for dictators and despots, I'm cool with that, but because our media comrades can use this to further slam Harper and the Cons! Woo-Hoo!! Now maybe those Cons will understand taking principled stands on the world stage can be harmful to our inclusion in corrupt organizations like the UN. It's like our inserted leader, American Igg said, "Canada doesn't deserve a seat"… POW! Take that Cons! African despots made the right decision by voting in favour of Portugal, they have a wonderful history that includes over 300 years of exporting slaves, nice, way to go Portugal! Great choice Africa! Germany has a pretty cool historical record as well. I swear by the ghost of Pierre Trudeau that when us Liberal/Separatists "get back to power", we will be back at the UN kissing the arse of every third world dictator and despot that they've got !

    • Trudeau lover..Canada was not rejected by the U.N….Canada withdrew from the vote, quite a difference……

  13. If Mike Ignatief has the power to single handedly scuttle Canada getting on the security council, we should make him prime minister this minute!!!!! He has POWER with a capital P!!!!! And if Harper can't out do him, then Harper shouldn't be running a lawn mower, let alone Canada's foreign policy,.

  14. I agree the UN is a EU device to extract money from rich western tax payers. They need to get that Billion dollar funding from their new best friend Portugal (TOO BAD THEY ARE BROKE). As well the UAE (OIL PUSHING ARABS) are upset because we sell more oil to the USA then they can push. WE NEED TO CUT OFF ALL FUNDING TO WELFARE COUNTRIES AND FUND OUR OWN NATION FIRST.