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This is simply the best idea I have heard in years: Shatner wants to be Prime Minister. 

I was always a fan, but I’ve loved Shatner ever since he wrote me and my friend Adam a letter in 1992 calling us “twits”.

What happened was the students at McGill voted to rename the Student Union the William Shatner University Centre, much to the dismay of the admin. Shatner told SSMU that he was honoured, and wanted to give a gift to the students. So Adam and I wrote Shatner and asked him to be the official sponsor of our satirical magazine, and he wrote us back saying that he wasn’t going to give us a few grand just so we could tell our kids that we were two of the biggest twits at McGill University. I still have the letter. 

Here’s Shatner’s Fame Audit from Fametracker. I think it is the best thing Fametracker ever published, which is not surprising since the sadly-defunct website is run by Adam Sternbergh. Who, incidentally, was at McGill at the same time. 

Meanwhile, Shatner’s Life and Times biography is spectacular. The CBC should run it every night. 

Shatner for PM!

UPDATE: Warren Kinsella’s on board, so we have our war room.

UPDATE II: I think it is time for the CBC to re-run their Life and Times doc on Shatner. So this comment thread is now a petition:

Dear CBC: 

Please run, as soon as possible, your Life and Times Documentary on William Shatner. 


Andrew Potter (and the undersigned)

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Canada… the Final Frontier

  1. And now that you’re a widely-respected, much-admired, nationally-published columnist, thousands of Canadians call you a twit without your even having to send them a letter! Amazing how these things pan out.

    I’d vote for Shatner. I’d vote for Shatner so hard. It would be like spoiling my ballot but awesomer.

  2. I’d vote for Shatner, but only if James Spader is Minister of Justice!

    • That’d be two enormous craniums in one cabinet.

    • Yes, Jimmy should be in Bill’s cabinet, absolutely!

  3. UPDATE: Warren Kinsella’s on board, so we have our war room.

    Well, that’s the end of that kooky, zany, madcap idea.

    Thank God for that. These are serious time.

    • For some reason this prompted me to recall the early days of the ‘net, when humour was king and jaundice had not, quite, set in yet.

      With respect to the current financial crisis I direct your attention to item 67:


      I figure, though, Shatner’s apogee was Denny Crane, Denny Crane; gun control is hitting what you aim at.

  4. I’ll put my x down too, even though i was raised on a diet of Dr Who, which is if possible even campier than the original Trek was. On one condition though, if JTK is PM then Scotty has to be the Finance minister, although he’d make a darn fine GG wouldn’t he! But what role for Spock? Maybe he can be opposition leader, now that should be fun.
    “Fascinating, Mr speaker, the Prime Minister barely has the good sense to keep breathing from one moment to the next. How in the name of all intelligent sentinent lifeforms are we to entrust this cretin with our nations well being? I move we beam into a supernova.” Speaker [ Bones] ” All in favour say aye! The ayes have it!”

    • Sigh! “…we beam him…” Now it’s funny. Laugh damn you, laugh!

  5. I told Bill a few years ago — once in Toronto and then again in Los Angeles a while later — that he should seek to become PM of Canada. I am glad he’s finally listening to my advice.

  6. I’m in. Sign me up. Not enough time in his schedule to be GG but apparently enough to be PM. Awesome. Now….who will sign up to be the red shirted-ed ensigns to get offed at every scandal?

  7. Kudos to whoever had the idea of renaming the student union building “Shatner.” Not quite as good as renaming a satirical magazine in the same manner, but all the more permanent. To this day the name evokes that hallowed, albeit architecturally monstrous, edifice in my mind.

  8. Glad to hear that the students at one of Canada’s most prestigious universities were putting their brains to good use.

  9. A) The renaming of the Student Centre is the stuff of legend….it is good to hear from one closer to that vaunted time.

    B) What was the satirical magazine?

    • The Red Herring — McGill’s only intentionally humorous publication.

      • Yeah I kind of figured it might have been the infamous Red Herring.

        Sophie should be reassured, not only do we still refer to the student centre as the the Shatner building and publish inane rags like the Red Herring, we also recently had an exercise in direct democracy which declared “No Pants Fridays,” deeming that no student should persecuted for having no pants. Also, lobbying the principal for a catered house party.

        Truly, time well spent in the hallowed halls of learning.

      • You should ask Alex for a copy of that flyer I put together for it, he gave me one a couple of years ago.

  10. Right on!

    Imagine during the first debate if Duceppe starts to rant. Shatner could say “Set phasers to stun.”

    Maybe they could get his old chair into the HofC.

    • That IS funny! Here are more Captain Kirk quotes:

      “Did I ever tell you you play a very irritating game of chess, Mr. [Harper]?”

      “Genius doesn’t work on an assembly line basis. You can’t simply say, ‘Today I will be brilliant.'” [In a conversation with stephen Harper.]

      “I’ll show up at your trial as a character witness…If you think that’ll help.” [To Harper AFTER the Cadman Affair truth is revealed.]

      “We’ve got to risk implosion. We may explode into the biggest fireball this part of the galaxy has seen, but we’ve got to take that one in a million chance.” [Referring to a new bailout.]

      “One of the advantages of being a [Prime Minister] is being able to ask for advice without necessarily having to take it.”

      “No more blah, blah, blah!” [bans QP]

      “Peace or…UTTER DESTRUCTION…it’s up to you.” [Negotiations with the Taliban.]

      “Conquest is easy. Control is not.” [After becoming the new Liberal leader.]

      • One you forgot. Upon becoming PM:
        “Standby to breakout those trillium crystals Mr Sulu, i may need to charge up my interstellar bi-polar French translator for this job.”

        • kc,

          “Either one of us, by himself, is expendable. Both of us are not.”
          — Kirk in ‘The Devil In The Dark’

          • Love it.
            Maybe SH could use that one as he’s throwing W under the bus.

  11. Heh heh, jaysus, lock up Michaelle Jean, she won’t be safe with that Lothario across the street!

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