Canada threatens to scrap trade talks with EU

Limits on imports of oil sands fuel at the heart of dispute


Canadian officials are threatening to pull out of trade talks with the European Union if the EU presses ahead with environmental regulations that would block imports of fuel produced from Canada’s oil sands. According to EU documents and sources, Canada has actively lobbied the commission and member states to scrap a plan that would differentiate the carbon footprint of oil sands fuel compared to fuel obtained by more conventional means. Canadian officials, meanwhile, have denied threatening to scrap the trade talks.


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Canada threatens to scrap trade talks with EU

  1. If the middle east countries remain as unstable or even god forbid get even more unstable expect any hindrance to our oil no matter how it is retrieved to magically disappear – in point of fact – if the price ber barrell increase another 10 – 20 dollars expect a Harper majority as there are a lot of us canadians out here with mutual funds in our RRSP's that have a stake in our energy – and in whom we are watching our quarterly statements of late = YEAH TEAM my RRSP has never increased at such a phenomenal rate as it has of late signed happy camper keep up the good work Khadafi :)

    • Yes, wasn't it nice of those hundreds of Libyans to die for the sake of our retirement?

      • They did not die for that reason. The higher cost of oil drives up food costs. That was the original reason for their protest.
        Another stupid marxist comment designed to blame capitalism for every ill under the sun. Yet another non-contributor.

        • They didn't riot over food costs either. Sheesh.

    • Anyone who invests in oil equities through their RRSP plan is in for a serious financial whack. Firstly your tax advantage will have to be paid eventually and all the profits on your stocks within that portfolio will be taxed when withdrawn to the same extent as your deposits and tax credits. Finally your equities are also subject to capital gains tax which subjects 50% of the priciple gained through share appreciation and dividends to be taxed again on the value of your declared income in whichhever future year. So as you can see investing in equities within an RRSP plan is a no brainer. RRSP are the single worst investment for any retirement plan there is. The fund managers make remendous profits in terms of todays dollar while you wait until taxes go up and the purchasing value of your invested dollar depreciates over a 20-30 year period. The hope is your income will be reduced in senior years but the fact here is that incomes continue to grow through ones whole life not go flat or decline. In any event you;'ll be paying more incometax not less and all you social security benifits will be clawed back. Get the picture and collapse your RRSPs now, they are a ripoff!

      • So you're saying my income will continue to grow when I stop working? Wow! Who'da thunk.

        Hint: If you're working. You're not retired. Consider what the first "R" in RRSP stands for.

        • "Registered"

          • LOL.. my bad. Rhetoric moving faster than brain.

          • but registered with who? the GOVERNMENT! (dunh dunh dunhhhhhhh)

      • shut it down.

    • Or psiclone, the price of gas could go so high–and bump up other costs as well– that voters will be pissed off and at best vote in another minority.

  2. I hope to God these talks do fail. Can any of you free trade loving dissenters tell me what possible benefit to Canada comes from allowing EU countries to bid freely on Federal projects?

    • More competition in the bidding process, cheaper government contracts. Access to a greater number of specialists in consulting and engineering.

      The larger the market the increased specialization of the workforce, we would be a potential bridge between US and EU, for high-skill firms.

  3. I have doubts with EU's environmental, human, animal, and trading rights hypocrisies. Their rationals are are so shallow, so teenaged, trendy(easy come, easy go), lack of consistencies, and based on envy and jealousies. Their EU human rights tribunals are a shame (but so are ours) , which created havoc among participating countries (which reminds me, just like here too). It might be better for Canada to seek separate agreement for each EU countries than negotiate a blanket agreement with the whole group.

    • Yes Ariadne, I remember one European company in particular that showed disdain for our "dirty oilsands oil"….gee wasn't the name of that company British Petroleum.

      • And to think that Euro countries are more vociferous against Canadian oil while mum on this big leaker and polluter. Aren't they suppose to be more "enlightened" than we newbies and bumbling Canucks?

  4. Governments are runnig out of ideas on how to manufacture artificial growth. Having the lowest interest rates ever did not work. It only helped inflate stock markets, commodities & real estate.

    The problem is that our money is leaving the country every time we buy something that comes from some where else. Just look south to the US to see our future.

    The G7 economies are merging just like two weak companies would, but it will just create a flatline economy for both with no real growth.

    Most US and Candian companies may be reporting good profits, but those returns are from overseas operations and not here at home. Growth is in Asian countries not the G7.

    Governments here could not control their spending in good times and are even worse now in bad times.

  5. Why deny it? This is just the kind of back bone that Canadians rarely get to see from our governments… I won't go into how backwards the EU is being in that they would rather buy oil from countries that support terror and engage in genocide, and even more comically, have much dirtier energy sectors than Canada…

    • As opposed to say…NAFTA

    • Exactly! They ban seals hunting but promote halal (very slow death) of slaughtered animals. They prefer Middle Easts and Venezuelan oil while sneer and scorn at Canadian oil. Go figure! Somehow Europeans lost their brains and ethics somewhere.

      • They haven't banned seal killed by the Inuit, and halal is the same as kosher. It is not a 'very slow death'.

        You can buy halal and kosher in any supermarket in Canada.

        • What is the difference between who killed what? The last time I check. Inuit killed or not, a dead seal still a dead seal. Think for once how you apply practically this "Inuit only"policy. Do hunters need to be DNA tested for inuitness? Isn't that Racism? How do you sell a product that is mostly banned? Isn't this a way to sound and pretend to be nice without really being nice? As for Halal, animals are actually left conscious until they bleed to death (which is more abhorent). Yes, they are also available in Canada but we do not selectly ban them. My point and argument is against the inconsistencies and hypocrisies of Animal rights activists and European's irrational edicts and whimsies.

          • The difference is between personal need for food with hunter-gatherers and commercial sealing.

            We are selling the other seal products to China.

            Halal and kosher are pretty much the same thing, and we do it in Canada as well. Anyone who used to be in farming knows about bleeding an animal. The animals aren't conscious for long. Usually seconds.

            If you are so concerned I invite you to visit an abottoir to see what 'humane' killing means.

            'Europe' is no more irrational or whimsical than anyone else, including us.

          • Although we might have differences on how long is too long, Canada do not ban Halal, do we? What is wrong with commercial sealing, when seal population grows beyond what the oceans could provide? Australia was given an okay to sell Kangaroo products, why not seals as well? Oh! Is it because Kangaroo does not look as cute? No one have mentioned yet how do you sell a product in Europe that is mostly banned? How do one distinguish an Inuit kill from not, when someone is wearing it?

          • Nope…buy it at the store. Some farmers practice it. Nobody anywhere bans it as far as I know.

            Commerical sealing has a bad rep as you know….and as we're about to see again shortly. Since it brings in zik-all in money it's just a bargaining chip we're using, not something we need. Whereas an EU deal will bring in billions of bucks, plus other benefits.

            Borders have a good way of stopping illegal trade goods…which is what seal currently is in Europe We can't FORCE them to buy it you know.

            Most people don't wear seal…or any fur. Good way to get splashed with red paint.

          • It might be time to turn the table on this hypocrites and throw red paints on European Animal activists!

          • ????? WE have animal activists!

          • Correction: Animal rights activists. Thanks for pointing that out.

          • Just take a look at what the Europeans are doing in the Faroe Islands (Denmark). And they say the seal hunt is inhumane? More than a bit two-faced if you ask me. . .

          • race to the bottom there.
            Seals out grow what the ocean can provide….. hmm I wonder why? Maybe over fishing?
            New Zealand has recently sounded the alarm over the loss of fishes at the top of the food chain and the explosion of population of lesser species supports that. Remember the eruption of Humbold squids off the coast of the USA too.
            Crap is happening and we are behind it. Justifying that overfishing means we need to kill other species en mass because they are hacking into our share is a bit like killing you parents and then crying for leniency because you are an orphan.

  6. USA gasoline to sell for $4.00/gal soon, that means on a relative scale, Canadian gsoline should retail for $1.42/ liter inclusive of all taxes assuming they remain the same as today.

  7. As far as the EU preffering Arab oil goes on the strength that the Arabs prefer to invest and play in Europe. You do not dare bit the hand that feeds you. Canadas position in Europe is a very small price to pay when compared to the billions the Arabs dump in Europe.

  8. There never was any chance of trade with the EU. Quebec would had to give! That never going to happen. The whine can deafen. This Country is finished. The result of the les chien waggin by les tail.

    • Jean Charest of Quebec was the one who got the EU trade talks started.

      Canada is not 'finished', that's just absurd.

      • I know, what I am talking about. My knees NEVER touch the ground!
        As long as charest is involved in anything, it will be corrupt! And detrimental to Canada. IF he had cretin, as the loony PM. But we don't! We have someone we can trust. Someone who realizes, EU is a piece of crap alongside of the United States. The U.S is all we need. F that european bunch. Look how they tried to destroy, Ireland! Thats the french for you. Just as they are destroying Canada, or have already succeeded. Notice, the west, one blocked highway from Kenora, is Booming! Only one highway needs a border crossing on it. So simple eh?

        • DAVOS, Switzerland – Jean Charest fended off accusations of being a fairweather free-trader in talks with the European Union — particularly when it comes to lucrative Hydro-Quebec contracts.
          Quebec and Ontario have been rebuked in recent months by International Trade Minister Peter Van Loan and other business leaders over their demands for the future Canada-EU trade accord.
          They charge the provinces are asking that too many exceptions and exclusions be part of an eventual agreement.
          The issue is especially personal for Quebec's premier, who helped spearhead the trade talks in the first place and for whom a Canada-EU trade pact could be a legacy accomplishment.
          But Charest told The Canadian Press that he is trying to strike the right balance between opening markets and protecting the role of Hydro-Quebec.

          “We will make a deal that will benefit Quebec and that will be good for our partner,” he said

          • The only reason this EU joke is continued is because of the policy of the liberal governments forcing french across the Country, but thay don't have near the numbers ,plus they are getting less, rather then increaseing regardsless of the trillions invested. Thats what the EU talk is about, trying to convince french to move to Canada. We hope its a complete failure. Far better that scam fails then the whole Country. If things aren't turned around soon, you will be another 3rd world french speaking enclave.
            And did you know that if ypou immigrate from another country, such as Ireland, and can speak french, you are classed as french, as far as forcing the language on an area! What a stupid mess.

          • You really shouldn't drink this early in the day.

          • Thats your best answer so far. It has possibilities. Don't strain though. lol

          • LOL you're talking gibberish, man. Has to be drinking.

          • Either drinking or off your meds. Don't ramble buddy, people tune out.

  9. Perhaps our oil will look better after their mediterranean pipeline is cut off.

    • Check where Europe is getting it's oil and gas.

  10. The "powers" control the pipelines, in the final analysis!!! What, do you think, power means. Being controlled by the people YOU took from starvation? You better hope not! And why, you better get behind the North American Union! SOLIDLY

    • North American Union? No no no, you mean the Organization of North American Nations. Get it right, jeez.

  11. This is a stand I can support. Defending supply management, not so much. Down with the dairy, chicken, turkey, etc. tax!

  12. Canada should be telling Europe to live within their own carbon allotment. Canada sinks much more carbon than it could ever produce and has been sinking the worlds carbon for as long as it has been increasing. This is the gift Canada has, a huge countries, with three cold oceans, sinking carbon naturally at a rate much higher than tiny population of only 30 million could produce carbon. Europe should be paying us for sinking their carbon!

    If Europe lived like Canadians, their population would not be almost 900 million but less than 100 million. Europe with their increasing demands on the planet can never live within their own borders, Canada on the other hand is showing the world how we can have a sustainable advanced society. Lots of land, few people is the answer.

  13. The EU has always been quite snotty and arrogant with Canada. As the EU is totally dependent upon risky oil from the Middle East and Russia I say let's just ignore them and concentrate on Asian markets where we are appreciated. As the old Klien saying goes, let the Europeans freeze in the dark. Who cares about their noses in the air, Canadians shouldn't. Later, when Europe becomes desperate, we can provide them with oil and seal meat (take both or nothing at all) at "special" prices. I would recommend a 10X multiplier over their other sources.

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