Canada to failed refugees: here’s a one-way plane ticket and $2,000


The federal government is offering up to $2,000 and a one-way plane ticket to any failed refugee claimant who will voluntarily leave Canada. The program began in the GTA this week, and is said to be a humane and ultimately cost effective solution to the often drawn-out process of deporting failed asylum seekers.

Often, failed applicants remain in Canada for years after their refugee claims have been refused, and the federal government spends millions to track, monitor and then deport claimants who have gone “underground” to avoid deportation.

There are guidelines as to how the money can only be used by claimants who opt for this program. It can be used towards school, starting a business or finding work. Applicants receive more money if they apply for the program soon after their refugee claim is rejected.

To be eligible for the program, refugees must have no criminal record.

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Canada to failed refugees: here’s a one-way plane ticket and $2,000

  1. A good start to ending this fiasco!

  2. With the majority of the world subsisting on $1 a day or less, won’t this policy encourage false claimants to apply for refugee status just for the one-time windfall?

    • Hopefully they were smart enough to only offer it to those already here, but i doubt it. I hope somewhere in europe they offer this, i’d love to go backpacking there for a few months and them fly me home with some damn good pocket money. I can imagine there would be a number of repeat offenders as well.

  3. why would they leave???

  4. Seems like a lot but if you get rid of these bums for good,money well spent

  5. why bring all this poeple in hier in the first place. shuld we not look after our owne first, ?im not against helping annyone but all that $thats being spent before its all legal in my oppin. could be spend onother things,dont think i have to tell you onwhat.

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