Canada to give “super visa” to elderly immigrants

Move will shorten backlog of applications, Ottawa hopes


The federal government is planning to introduce a “super visa” that will allow the parents and grandparents of immigrants to stay in Canada for prolonged periods of time without becoming permanent residents. Because the new type of visa does not afford the same privileges of permanent residence, processing times should be shorter, allowing the government to curtail the backlog of immigration applications for the elderly. “There are currently 160,000 parents and grandparents waiting to join their loved ones in Canada, but Ottawa only grants about 15,000 visas to the group each year. The backlog is growing by 14,000 a year,” the Toronto Star writes.

The Toronto Star

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Canada to give “super visa” to elderly immigrants

  1. They were so loved that their children abandoned them and went abroad. Right.

    Well, this sounds like a fair idea. Canadian taxpayers will not be saddled with paying old age pensions for people who did not spend at least part of their working lives in Canada.

    • Old age pensions are not available to new immigrants.

      • OAS is available after 10 years. Or was, at least, until this new law. 

        •  10 years of permanent residency/citizenship.  But to get full OAS you must have lived here 40 years since turning 18.  Anything less gets proportionately pro-rated, and the rate is frozen upon application.

    • ewu

    • actually their children pay tax to help pay for old age pensions for those that spent their lives working in canada. wish some pple will look around further than their rooms.

      • …and they in turn will have others paying their pensions (assuming the scheme doesn’t collapse in the meantime).

    • This comment was deleted.

      • piece of white crap?

        Canada is what it is because of what you refer to as “crap”.  Each day that a Canadian senior citizen passes away this country becomes less and less Canadian and more so a country in decline in many ways.

        All Canadians owe what we have to the ones before us not to anyone new to this country.

        If you see no shame in calling someone a “white piece of crap” then obviously you are a reason why Canada is not the place it was decades ago.

        Do real Canadians a favour and leave this country, go back to where you came from.

        • Canada IS Canada because if its IMMIGRANTS, and immigrants have brought so much of their culture, wealth, and skill to Canada.
          You may like to check any university in Canada, any upscale neighbourhood, any high-rank job, any executive or professional corporate position, I promise you will find many many immigrants holding these positions. And these are DESPITE the racist, ignorant, and selfish people like you “readlooklisten”.

          • Maybe you should re-read what I wrote. 
            The comment that was made above me was racist, the person decided to use the phrase “piece of white crap”.

            I stated and I stand behind the statement that Canada is what it is because of Canadians.  Every day that a Canadian senior citizen passes away this country becomes less and less Canadian.

            The generations before you and I made Canada is what it is.  You cannot deny that.  They fought wars so this country would remain a independent country and so that other countries would be free.  They built the roads and infrastructure, and established business.  They governed in ways that created laws so this Land was one of peace and order.  They believed in ideals such as social services including healthcare. 

            You want me to check upscale neighbourhoods??

            I want you to check Canadian history books and read about Canada.   
            Canada has much history and it should never ever be forgotten or assumed.  All Canadians owe what we have to the ones before us not to anyone new to this country.

          • Canada has never been ‘white’.

          • you know what? Where your ancestor came from? you be the one to check your history and for your information those immigrant you telling is the one helping Canada where it is now.

          • You can’t compare the immigrants of today to those of yesteryear. Truly, think about it. My forefathers came here when their was no social net, They either thrived through hard work or perished. The modern immigrant enters a country that offers so much and yet they demand more and are always critical of our ways, forever trying to change it so its more like the garbage can they left.

          • Um no, stop reading rightwing talking points.

          •  most immigrants bring their wealth with them when the come here.  it’s not a free stuff, we spend money to clean canadian mess

          • Many immigrants have provided false bank statements, forged degrees and cannot even speak a world of  proper  English. Furtermore refugees who have come to Canada are dictatong terms to the authorities.

          • Immigrants are aslo responsabl;e of high crime, tax corruption and abuse of the system.

        • As time goes by Canada will become a muslim country.This is due to big families by muslims,Pologomy and numerious family members wantong to come to Canada. Good going for Canada. The land  of the pure and pure people.

      • No mister sandhu, our forefathers who built this great country didnt have medicare, old age pensions, welfare etc. It was through their hard work that this country evolved to the point of allowing un-appreciative low-lifes like you and those that share your DNA to abuse our generosity. Give me one reason why I would want to bring in your Parents or others when they will never contribute to the well being of all Canadians

        • Every human being on the planet has the same DNA….and we all came from Africa.

          We are also all immigrants in this country.

          Now lose the hood.

    • It is not as easy as your simple mind formulates, sometimes you need to rescue yourself, and then try to take your loved ones out too. It is like oxygen mask in airplane.

      And don’t forget the immigrants pay tax too, and many of them pay and contribute much more than you.

  2. I don’t know about anyone else but at the age of 60 and with forefathers that came to Canada around 1800 I’m starting to think we have too many people in Canada. It doesn’t matter to me what colour is the skin of new immigrants or what religious background they have, in my opinion we just have too many people in our country.

    FYI I have yet to see anything beyond broad simplifications (by those who have a vested interest in Canada having a larger population) which documents how a larger population will result in a greater Canada. One need only look at all our public institutions, public infrastructure, etc. to see overcrowded classrooms, long lines at understaffed public wickets, rotting and decaying roads/sewers, aboriginal communities in upheaval, increased child poverty rates, exponential need for public housing, welfare, etc., etc. to see what the impact more people have on our communities, cities, provinces, country.

    To say everything will be rosy as our population grows is to simply ignoring the obvious. Who among us wants to pay higher taxes? Or do we just want to keep getting deeper and deeper in debt?   

    • Canada is the second largest country in the world, and yet we have a small population.

      90% of this country is uninhabited.

      Perhaps we could manage our money better, and put it into things like education and infrastructure instead of buying fighterplanes and invading other countries?

      • Well, not sure what you know about my great country. Your right when you say about 90% of this country is sparsely populated but when do you think was the last time an immingrant moved to this country, and then decided to live in our vast northern regions. Perhaps never!! The reality is most of our population lives within 150 miles of the U.S. border. Maybe if we made it a Law that all new immigrants must spend about 5 years living in our remote regions then we might have immigrants who truly appreciate that which we offer.

        • Well I’ve been in Yellowknife and Norman Wells, but there’s a huge mass of Canada between here in SW Ont and there.

          Immigrants tend to go to big cities, because that’s where the jobs are….and many of them are professional people.

          Maybe we could make some of our towns into cities…there are quite  a few of them further north.

          But either way people are coming here in droves, so we’ll be more heavily populated anyway.

        •  Would it surprise you that about 10% of the population of Yellowknife (NWT) is non-aboriginal visible minority? (The largest group being Filipinos).

          Or that Inuvik (also in the NWT) has the northernmost mosque in the world?

          New immigrants will go anywhere if there are job opportunities.  I know a Brazilian guy who got tired of looking for work in TO and went to Iqaluit on a Co-op and ended up staying there because he loved it.

      • You could just stop trolling Macleans.

        • Since you have no idea what trolling means, sticking to the topic would be a better bet on your part.

      • Canada is Canada and as Emily points out we inhabit only a small portion of our country. However, there’s a reason for this. As our forefathers found out much of Canada isn’t suitable for habitation or agriculture (less than 7% of our land base is classified as agricultural land) because of it’s geography, climate, remoteness, etc., etc. That’s why most of the new immigrants to Canada settle in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal. Who else would want to live in isolation, subject to the Canadian winters, mosquitos, black flies, etc., etc. Only those few hardy enough to subsist out of the reach of cell phones, cable TV, water and sewer connections to your house, etc., etc. or those associated with mining or extraction industries whether it’s forestry, coal, oil, natural gas, diamonds, etc., etc.

        • Well actually we have infrastructure in the north….TV stations from everywhere, cell phones, the works.

          The Nordic countries and Russia have entire cities in the north.

          Here’s  a new community Russia is building for an island in the Arctic circle


    • Canada has too many people? You are obviously Toronto-centric. There’s a huge country beyond the shores of Lake Ontario, you know.

      • Actually I live about 90 miles from Toronto and live in a small community of 7,000 people. FYI I was last in Toronto on a day trip about 3 years ago and all it did was confirm my opinion that we’ve got too many people in Canada. However, much to my dismay, in a spillover effect many people from Toronto and environs have and are moving to our town and area. Maybe I’m in the small minority that like’s a little elbow room, and remembers my childhood and early adult years and the way it was. Without going into a long list of specifics the quality of my life today hasn’t or isn’t being improved with the annual influx of 250,000 new people to Canada.

  3. Visitors to Canada have to pay for their own health insurance while in Canada. Therefore, there won’t be any burden on the Canadian healthcare system. 

    Education and skill training of those immigrants from  poor countries were paid by those poor countries. Those poor countries also  pay the health care for the aging  parents of the immigrants.

    In the mean time Canada takes advantage of the immigrants’ education, skills, experiences and taxes.
    – Nalliah Thayabharan

  4. My fear that a huge # of elderly immigrants will over whelm the medical facitlites of our country…already we have long waiting lists for surgery and for our Canadian citizens to enter assisted living facilites………….these people will have to buy medical insurance as we all do…they will have the same rights as we do for care…to take up hospital beds ….use our medical facilites….and just as our own baby boomers reach old age…there will be an huge influx of non english speaking seniors that our inadequate system will have to accomodate…..they will not leave the country to get sick or need care….they will need it here……………living in a community where 70% are now new immigrants ….scary for us seniors….one chinese real estate agent said….white people should move to White Rock….Richmond is for the Chinese

  5. People visiting Canada on visitor visa are not eligible for any social or health care benefits in Canada. Visitors always had to get health insurance before they could get the visitor visa and it’s sponsor’s responsibility to take care of the visitors. Since the visitors are not eligible for any benefits there won’t be any burden on the government medical care or social assistance.  
    2012 will be 200 years since the War of 1812. The Canadians look very closely at the events from which evolved this country we now called Canada. Canada is a sparsely populated huge country and the cost to maintain our infrastructure is so enormous. The best way to lower our tax burden and maintain our standard of living is to drastically increase immigration. If Canada abolishes the Immigration completely, then we will not have adequate tax payers to pay taxes to support our elderly and those on social assistance. 
    Conservatives have preached and berated the Liberals on family values. The Conservative mantra “families that pray together stay together” will seem a contradiction if the sponsorship of parents is not allowed. Conservatives want foreign workers to come to Canada and pay taxes to supporting our old age pension, health care, and social assistance programs, but conservatives don’t want the foreign workers to live in Canada permanently.
    Education and skill training of those immigrants from poor countries were paid by those poor countries. Those poor countries also pay the health care for the aging parents of the immigrants. In the mean time Canada takes advantage of the immigrants’ education, skills, experiences and taxes. Those visiting parents on Super Visa will need to travel back and forth maintaining a home here and in their country, making it difficult for the aging parents to feel at home in either place. This is also a challenge at any age and surely not easier the older aging parents. The ultimate outcome of the visitor visa is likely that the parents will end up alone back in their countries. 
    But this tide will turn soon. China, India and Brazil will discuss this same immigration concerns by 2040.  Aging Canadians will join the crowd waiting in line for parental immigration to China, India and Brazil in few decades. In few decades Chinese, Indian or Brazil government may think that aging Canadians will be burden on their system and they should only accept young Canadian workers on temporary work visa so that foreign workers pay taxes to support their own elderly and their citizens who need social security. 
    – Nalliah Thayabharan

  6. I believe it is a good solution, immigrants has the right to have their parents living with them, but on the other-hand it is unfair for Canadians to keep paying for the old for those parents who never served this country and never added to its wealth. although i am an immigrant i don’t think its fair for Canadians to bring my old parents and let them take out of the rights of old Canadians who spent their life serving their country.

  7. Some people are over reacting and don’t seem to realize that this “super visa” is like an extended visitor’s visa. It comes with no social perks whatsoever. If these old people become sick, they are not covered by medicare, they will have to get their own health insurance.

  8. Why only to the grand parent and Parent? what happen if they don’t have parent? they want to see brother, sister, niece…

  9. I am a new immigrant and feel Canada as my own country. Not sure what class of immigrants you have known, but I comply with all my taxes, all my obligations as a Canadian. I am proud to raise my children in this wonderful country. You’ve may never lived in other countries where your neighbors are dying because they do not have money to pay for health, and your neighbour’s children will be poor for ever  because they can’t afford fo go to a school. Or they are hungry and starving right in front of you, and they do not have any alternative in the future. I haven’t come to this country to get only benefits and take advantage of all of them. I came to Canada to raise my children in a better world, where discrimination is against the law; we have rights in our constitution to keep our own regilious, beliefs etc. and also accept and grant respect to others. I agree that previous inmigrants came to work so hard and we all are taking the benefits of  that great work. But, I also work hard and I am teaching my children to study and work for what they want. Besides, who is not immigrant in this country? the parents of your parents and previous generations came from somewhere else. So, I believe that Canadians are all of us who work for a better country and respect all the laws.

    • canadian forefathers have made this country strong and what it is today we as immigrants have come here in search of better life we owe it to canadians to pay our taxes earn and leave if they do not require us its not our country just a generous offer its theirs and will remain theirs forever stop shitting them immigrants respect earn pay taxes be happy and leave one day when u have enough

  10. my sisters r living in Canada, my mother(90) is living with me in Sultanate of Oman, can I apply to visit visa for my mother to attend he grand daughter’s wedding?

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